If College Majors Were Characters From "One Tree Hill"
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If College Majors Were Characters From "One Tree Hill"

Ten characters from "One Tree Hill" and what their majors would be in college.

If College Majors Were Characters From "One Tree Hill"

The hit television series "One Tree Hill" provides viewers with an array of characters that they can relate to. For example, Brooke Davis correlates with those who are outgoing and have a passion for fashion. Nathan Scott is the athlete that everyone desires to be and Keith Scott is the wonderful uncle we all wish we had.

Now, obtaining a certain educational path or major of choice may also mean you are more like your favorite "One Tree Hill" cast member as well. With the assistance of some of my closest friends, I was able to compile a list of "One Tree Hill" cast members and associate their on-screen personalities with college majors. So, without further adieu, here are ten characters from "One Tree Hill" and what their majors would be in college.

1. Haley James Scott: Education

Haley is a compassionate and kind individual who desires to see people succeed. She tutored Nathan while they were in high school and pushed him to be a better person and student. She also is a wonderful mother figure, which a lot of Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education majors tend to be.

What more can I say? She's creative and caring, something an educator completely embodies.

2. Nathan Scott: English or Communication Studies

Look up any quote in regards to "One Tree Hill" and you will find Nathan's credentials right next to it. Throughout the show, Nathan becomes a much wiser, mature character who grows in his own knowledge. He would be a great English or Communication Studies major due to his growing intelligence and ability to resonate with so many people.

3. Lucas Scott: Journalism

Lucas is a big-time writer and utilizes his ability to create beautiful dissertations as a way to get through to people. For example, he goes through many troubled times with his father as well as Nathan, Peyton, Brooke, etc. Nonetheless, he uses those feelings and emotions as an outlet through his writing. Lucas would make a fantastic Journalism major in college.

4. Peyton Sawyer: Design

Design majors are those who are able to think outside the box and utilize their creativity to make something amazing. Peyton Sawyer correlates with this college major so well due to her unbelievable artwork. She constantly pushes the envelope and makes others around her think about the messages she is conveying through her art pieces.

5. Brooke Davis: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Okay, this one had to be as simple as they come. Brooke Davis is one heck of a fashionista and desires to be the most fabulous person out there. Not to mention, she created her own clothing line and was extremely successful. She would make the most incredible Apparel, Merchandising, and Design major.

6. Dan Scott: Criminal Justice or Business

Dan is known for his evil demeanor and tricks of sneaking around the law. Not to mention, he has been in trouble with the law too many times to count. Nonetheless, maybe he could turn his life around for the better with a Criminal Justice degree to track down people just like him.

7. Mouth McFadden: Sports Broadcasting

Mouth McFadden is the fan of all fans in "'One Tree Hill" and never misses a basketball game. He is known for his podcasts covering Tree Hill athletics. If Mouth went to a college/university, he would fit well with other sports broadcasting professionals.

8. Julian Baker: Theatre

A Theatre major would be a great fit for Julian, as he is a passionate movie maker. He desires everything to be perfect and in place before shooting. His vision for modern cinema is shown throughout the series, and therefore it makes him a perfect theatre student.

9. Quinn James: Nursing

What a sweet and kindhearted person Quinn is! She definitely knows how to care for others, as she displays in the show (don't worry — I wouldn't spoil OTH). Quinn is also just like Haley in the sense that she would make a great mother figure. She is patient, affectionate, and understanding — all traits that personify nurses.

10. Keith Scott: Diesel Mechanics

So many people love Keith Scott and all that he stands for. He is so considerate to those around him and helps Lucas out in an array of scenarios. However, Keith has an eye for mechanics and can always be found in his auto shop. If he wasn't a Diesel Mechanics major, I could definitely envision him as a professor/educator of this craft.

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