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If College Majors Wore Urban Outfitters, Here's The Outfit You'd Be Rocking On The Quad

College can be a confusing fashion time in our lives, so here's a suggestion guide on what you should wear, based off of your major.

If College Majors Wore Urban Outfitters, Here's The Outfit You'd Be Rocking On The Quad

Recently, I went to Urban Outfitters, and noticed how they have completely different ideas of fashion, and have one extreme style, to another. I love fashion, so I challenged myself to find the perfect outfit for different college majors.

1. History

Heidi Mid-Rise Carpenter Pant

I chose this look, specifically for the pants. The carpenter style with the dark khaki color reminds me of what you may wear when out exploring historic sites.

2. ELA

Melanie Button-down Midi Dress

So, this dress immediately stood out to me because of its color and movement. It makes me think of Allie from "The Notebook," dreaming away underneath a tree while writing soppy fiction.

3. Accounting

Iris Gauzy Button-down Shirt

When looking, I knew I wanted to look for a button-down shirt, but the plaid is an extra plus. It stays feminine with the leather skirt and knot at the bottom.

4. Criminal Justice

Pelechecoco Leather Moto Jacket

Much like when looking for the Accounting outfit, I had a specific piece I wanted to incorporate. Criminal Justice speaks badass to me, so I was searching for a leather jacket.

5. Education

Clara Embroidered Empire Waist Dress

My best friend is actually an Education major, so I had a pretty clear genre of style to look for. At first, I wanted to go with the classic, cardigan and skirt number, but decided to go with an elementary school teacher who wears boutique dresses every day.

6. Biology

Future State Flower Chart Tee

How perfect is this t-shirt! I had a hard time finding something, and originally picked out floral pants with a plain top, but as soon as I scrolled past this baby, it was game over.

7. Nursing

Piper Woven Jogger Pant

Obviously, Urban Outfitters do not sell scrubs, or you would be looking at a picture of them right now. Instead, you're looking at what I imagine all Nursing majors wear, because they're always studying. Normally, I would shade people with no fashion sense, but I want the future people taking care of me to know what they're doing.

8. Psychology

Blake Cardigan

The tank says, "property of nobody," and I think that Psychology majors couldn't agree more. They're such open-minded people, and really know mental health.

9. Business

Remade Cutoff Denim Levis Short

So, I initially I wanted to find a pantsuit of some sort, with a possible blazer. Instead, I went with a hipster approach, deciding on the ripped shorts and long sleeve button-down. The way it's styled is perfection.

10. Theatre

Scorpio Square Neck Strappy Tank Top

I'm actually a Theatre major, and tried to combine the "techie" style with the "performer" style, so I settled on an all-black mom jean and strappy crop top moment. It's simple, yet also hits the unique points that creators have.

11. Dance

Stella Strappy Bodysuit

This bodysuit is the closest thing to a leotard they have at Urban Outfitters, which is what Dance majors are in 99% of the time.

12. Physical Science

Nike Archive Contrast Stripe Legging

Most Physical Science majors become Athletic Trainers, or Physical Therapists, and that usually calls for movement-driven work, so I gave them a simple Nike tracksuit.

13. Communications

Susie High Rise Plaid Pant

My inspiration for this look was "casual newswoman" and I think the sleek plaid pant combined with a plain tee fits.

14. Music

The Rolling Stone American Flag Lips Tee

If you didn't see this coming, then you're probably not a music major. I mean, how could I not use the iconic Rolling Stone t-shirt?

15. Undecided

Hattie High Neck Linen Jumpsuit

Those with undecided majors are a few things: confused, living their best life, and only taking gen ed's. That's why I gave them this jumpsuit. They're open to new things, but still keep it simple enough.

Turns out, Urban Outfitters is more versatile than I thought, or maybe I'm just that good. But really, I highly recommend shopping here, and not just because of their cute clothes, but they also carry the cutest knickknacks and greatest poetry.

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