College Life According To Drake And Josh

In my opinion, "Drake and Josh" was one of the greatest things to ever happen to the 2000s. Filled with many memorable scenes and quotes, this show has had a large role in a number of college students' childhoods. So, here are the characters from Drake and Josh to explain college life!

1. When your professors hint that something might be on the exam

2. When your friends know you well enough to know that something's bothering you

3. When you're starving, but the only food you have in your room went stale months ago

4. When your family comes to visit and they ask to see your dorm

5. Spending all week preparing for a presentation, only to get up in front of the class like

6. The undying loyalty you have for your school's athletic teams

7. When the dining hall serves your favorite meal

8. Coming back from break with a snazzy new haircut

9. When that one subject just makes absolutely no sense

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