College is a roller coaster. It's somehow simultaneously the best time of your life ... and the hardest. But no matter how many exams you have, no matter how many instant noodle cups you need to consume and no matter how early your morning classes are: college could always be worse. In Fox's newest hit horror/comedy television show, "Scream Queens," the glamorous, catty, and sometimes psychotic members of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority have to try to get through college while they also try not to get brutally killed by a mysterious Red Devil. Let's just all be thankful that we don't have any serial murderers on campus – just some religious zealots who yell at us for wearing tank tops.

Here's college life, as told by the characters of "Scream Queens":

When you walk in late to class and everyone turns to stare at you:

When your professor announces that there's no homework this week:

When you aren't sure exactly how the generation before you learned anything without Wikipedia or Smartphones:

When you realize it's 11 p.m. and you have six different assignments due at midnight:

You get used to college "meals" like Ramen ... or a hearty helping of nothing:

When the professor praises you for raising your hand and answering a question correctly:

When someone sits in your unofficial assigned seat that you've been sitting in all semester:

When you're finally getting a good night's sleep and you suddenly remember that you have an assignment due in the morning:

When you somehow pass a test by the skin of your teeth when you thought you definitely bombed it:

Or the opposite, when you failed an exam you thought you did well on:

When you realize you can't go out with all your friends because you have to be a responsible adult and do your homework instead:

When your professor refuses to curve the grade for a test that every student failed:

When you're forced to work with random partners for a group project:

When one of your randomly assigned group partners always has an excuse as to why they don't have their portion of the work done:

When the group project is over and you never have to talk to your group partners ever again:

When all you can think about the entire time you're in class is how you can't wait to eat when class is over:

When you spend all night working on a project and finally submit it at 11:59 p.m. and promptly die of exhaustion one second later:

When the professor tells a joke but you're still salty about how much homework you have so you refuse to laugh:

When the professor gets off topic and lectures on things that won't be on the exam:

When you make the mistake of venturing into a bathroom on campus:

When the professor is looking around for someone to call on and you're sitting there silently hoping he picks anyone but you:

When the professor was about to let you out early but a million students raise their hands with questions:

When you finally get dismissed from a class full of people you absolutely hate: