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Welcome To College

5 Things You Need to Know About College

Welcome To College
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You don’t just learn about math, writing, and politics in college. College gives you more life lessons than you would expect. When you first start college, you have some expectations of the changes that will happen in your life. You find new friends, you start drinking more, the food you eat will probably be the worst foods in your life. But there are some things that you will come across in college that most don’t warn you about. Here is a list of the 5 things your college experience consists of.

1. Money. It will be spent on stupidity.

If it’s buying a bunch of fat snacks from the corner store, or paying your textbooks last minute, there will be a time when you will be coin surfing the bottom of your purse or scavenging through your car console. There will be times in between work, studying and classes, where you will go out and blow the last 40 dollars you had for the week’s groceries.

2. You will become habitually truant in college

One word. Freedom. This is the definition of college, and what do you do with this new given freedom? Party? No. Go out? Nope. Nothing. Literally. You end up staying home and sleep your overdue math equations and sorrows away while you cut class.

3. Depression. It happens.

Like I said, college is very much about freedom. Sometimes, though, too much freedom can cause you to make bad decisions. Like they say, idle hands are the devils workshop and although you can fill your time with classes and such, there is still a lot of idle time spent doing things you shouldn’t be. You recognize those things, but never have the energy to change it (thanks to the long nights studying and early mornings).

4. Yes, the partying is excessive.

You will find yourself at a party most of your weekends, while you are in college, whether it’s a kickback at your buddy’s house or a rager at the local frat house. Moreover, they won’t be like what you are used to from high school. College parties are a whole new world. More drinking, more drugs, more sex, more rock and roll. Just kidding about that last one but, college parties are a whole different experience than what I’m sure many people are used to. Also, they will bring out a new side of you, one that maybe you never knew existed.

5. Finally, change.

The only constant that we know of in the entire universe is change. College will change you, for better or worse, but you will become somebody new, no doubt. Change can be a scary thing but if you embrace it, then you will learn to love college and all it has to offer.

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