College Just Wasn't For Me

College Just Wasn't For Me

My withdraw from my traditional college broke my parent's hearts, but I'm the happiest I've been all year.

Rebecca Huseman

"I've decided to withdraw from my college after the semester is done and go to cosmetology school." Probably one of the last things my parents wanted to hear, but I didn't elope or announce that I was pregnant, so how upset can they really be? Turns out, pretty upset. However, this was the best choice for me.

I was expected to go to college or work. I had to be doing something so that I wasn't sitting around doing nothing for however long. Due to that, I was pretty ecstatic to get accepted into a great college three hours away from my hometown. It meant freedom, no parents to constantly watch over me and see what I was doing. I quickly figured out that it also meant doing a ton of homework for classes I barely wanted to take.

I hated high school, and college, honestly, seems like a really expensive add on, so I've decided that my paid trial is over and that I want out. Unfortunately it'll take me several years to pay off the debt I've accumulated this year, but I'll be beginning a career by the time most of my friends are starting their junior year, so it shouldn't be too bad.

At first I wanted to just take a year off to complete my cosmetology program and then go back to Loras for psychology degree, but the more I thought about it the more I realized just unhappy I am where I'm at. The professors and staff at Loras are exceptional and I've made some friends that I hope to continue a friendship with, but that only goes so far.

College just isn't for everyone. Yeah, life is gonna be harder for me because I don't have that degree. Despite that, I'm gonna be happier and doing something that I love. I may not be rich any time soon, but I won't be constantly calling my friend and crying because I'm so unhappy.

So while I'm breaking my parents hearts to withdraw, I am so incredibly excited to start at Capri College. To be doing something that actually makes me happy, it's going to be absolutely great. So to everyone who decided that the traditional college isn't for them, I'm rooting for just as I hope you're rooting for me.

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