Sure, seeing that guy from your British Lit class completely obliterated at the bar might make for interesting conversation the next time your professor yells "grab a partner" or that time that one girl swore she would make it into the bar for her 21st.

Come on, there's more to life than fifth-year stories.

Something I've learned through my years in school is that no matter how hard you party, no matter how good you look on Thursdays through Saturdays, no matter how hard you fight for that guy's attention in that meaningless frat house, it's not going to get you to graduation.

So many people I know have completely flunked out of school because they decided that their social life was more important than their actual reason for coming to school in the first place: school. Everyone gets to college as a freshman wanting to meet new people, fit in with their crowd, and find their voice and flourish. A lot of times, that comes with the party scene.

It's a way for people to forget about high school and who they were in the past and completely reinvent themselves. Unfortunately, some have been lost to the party scene, and some willing to recover do so in time to still graduate. I consider myself someone who had her fair share of the good ol' days and enjoys watching from the sidelines.

For me personally, it came down to what mattered most for me. Did all of those things I stated before matter more than making it to my Friday 8 A.M.'s? For a little bit, yeah, but if you're in tune with yourself enough, you'll recognize what is in front of you and what matters most.

Ultimately, I knew what I came here to do, and partying was never on the agenda. As of today, I barely go out, and it's a really refreshing feeling. I don't feel tied to getting dressed up and putting on makeup for only three hours, if that, to go hang out in a sweaty bar. I'm here for a good time, but in moderation.

Being on a smaller campus means you see the same old faces whenever you go out, and for most, that's great. It makes them feel included, but for me, I love to meet new people and hold interesting conversations. The usual college talk gets old.

I highly recommend getting in-tune with yourself and seeing what matters most to you at the moment.