I've always spent time trying to learn about whatever held my interest at that time. I tried teaching myself sign language and Italian, although I've decided to drop Italian. I taught myself and passed a boating class, which means I'm doing better than "SpongeBob." Even though I absolutely love learning new things, I absolutely hate college.

You might ask yourself, "You have easy classes that are interesting to you, how could you hate it?" And you would be right, imaginary second part of this conversation. My classes are interesting to me, they're easy, and that means I should like them, right? Wrong. The difference between taking classes in school and learning at my own pace is that I don't get to choose how I learn, what I learn, or how fast I learn it.

Maybe you agreed right from the start, college is horrible. But it doesn't have to be. There are so many things that we could change about college to make it better. For example, allow students to choose what they participate in, such as icebreakers. As a teacher, don't ban computers because you want your students to pay attention to you. We'll pay attention if you can hold our attention. Give students options to get up and walk around or move. But most of all, stop making the desks so small. I would like to be able to have both my computer and my notebook on my desk, but if I have to pick one, I will always pick my computer.