10 Hacks For The Broke College Kid
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Student Life

10 Hacks To Help You Survive The Broke College Kid Life

Just because you're pinching pennies doesn't mean you have to starve.


When it comes to college, students need all the help they can get in order to survive. Even the simplest or dumbest hacks can be helpful in college. We have to do whatever it takes to live through the broke-college-kid stage of our life.

Try yogurt as an alternative for cream cheese

If you're dining center runs out of cream cheese for your bagel, just scoop some nasty plain or vanilla yogurt that tastes like cream cheese on that bagel and carry on with your day.

Utilize your closet space by fitting multiple shirts on one hanger 

Did you know you can fit up to at least six shirts on a hanger? Now you do, so stack them up! You have more room for new clothes — thank me later for giving you a reason to go shopping.

Ask about movie discounts

Most theaters offer discounts for college students. All you have to do is ask and show your school ID. Get out there and finesse these huge businesses!

Make your mac and cheese extra cheesier by using milk

Before you add that water to your mac and cheese, try this hack. Add milk instead — it will make it creamier and more delicious.

Avoid buying and/or making food when your work is stocked up

Do you realize how expensive groceries can be? But, do you also know how bad it is to keep eating out? Don't worry because you can take advantage of the free food at work to save you all those dollars!

Get your silverware for free from the dining hall

Why waste money yourself when you can sneakily get forks, spoons, and knives from the dining hall? You're paying for that meal plan, get all your money's worth!

Freshen up your room with dryer sheets

If you brought some type of fan with you, tape a dryer sheet on the back. This will work better than those scented plug-ins that You don't even have to go spend extra money on one that barely has the smell going anywhere.

Roll up your clothes for extra drawer space

Roll up your t-shirts, pants, and shorts to make some extra space in your drawers. You could be storing more clothes — perhaps food — or whatever you want in all that space you now have.

Use your Keurig to cook instant noodles

Look, you didn't pay so much money for your Keurig just to use it for coffee. You can make it multi-purpose. Let's say you really don't want to walk to the microwave. Put your ramen or easy mac underneath, and you're good to go!

 Restore tarnished jewelry

You know how your jewelry starts to tarnish? And, you can't do anything about it? Put some clear nail polish on it to stop it from tarnishing.

Listen, being a broke college kid is really tough. Not only you have to work hard in your classes, but you also got to work smart for everything. You have to find different ways to help you get through this weird but difficult phase of your life. If you have other helpful hacks for college kids, feel free to share them! We can always use some more!

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