I Asked 19 Women About Losing Their Virginity
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I Asked 19 College Girls About What It Was Like To Lose Their Virginity

"Don't be pressured by the hook-up culture. Find someone who is willing to wait for you. When you're ready, you'll know."

I Asked 19 College Girls About What It Was Like To Lose Their Virginity

Every girl has a different take on what it's like to lose their virginity. Some will say that their first time is AMAZING, and others have their regrets on who they opened up to.

But losing your virginity is one of the biggest things in your life, whether you believe it or not. Some people change, others stay the same. You should NEVER feel bad about losing your virginity or have any regrets. It's a part of growing up.

And if you haven't lost yours yet, don't feel bad, because your time will come when you meet that special someone. And another thing: like I said, every girl is different, and I guarantee it will NOT be like one of those romantic movies.

I decided to ask 19 different college girls about their experiences losing their virginities. Some girls were from my university, some were friends, and some were girls from other universities. (And yes, every girl that I interviewed knows that they will be featured on Odyssey and were happy to share their experience. I also decided to leave them on anonymous for privacy. Please be mature.) I had a blast talking to each of these girls and I am so glad they were able to provide some valuable pointers for girls who want to know if losing their virginity is worth it. Here is a look at what these girls had to say about their experience:

1. College Student #1

"My friends and I went to this party and I was sort of sitting by myself on my phone. This guy sat next to me and introduced himself. He was really sweet and we started talking. We didn't hook up at the party, but we just kissed. I've kissed guys before, so it wasn't a big deal. But then a week later, I hit him up because I wanted to talk to him more. He picked me up from my dorm and we went back to his place. He played some music from his YouTube and we just started talking about random things. After that, it all just happened. We're still talking to this day and I'm kind of glad that I had that experience with someone who's actually interested in me. We aren't dating though."

2. College Student #2

"I met this guy at a Halloween party last year when I was visiting Temple University to see my friend and we talked for a while. He went to Drexel, though. He then took me to his dorm and we sat on the bed, watched some Hulu, and then just started making out. The thing is that the whole thing lasted for 3 minutes, and he legit fell asleep. I was pissed because I had to use my credit card for that Uber since I was depending on a damn ride back. I mean…"

3. College Student #3

"I lost mine to my high school boyfriend in senior year the night after graduation. He tried to make it super romantic, but kind of failed because we were both so awkward and I couldn't stop laughing. We took each other's V-Cards, plus none of us knew what we were doing at first. He made me feel really comfortable though, I can definitely say that. Unfortunately, we broke up a few weeks into college because I just couldn't do long distance. I mean, I still love him and wish him the best, but he's probably hooking up with other girls right now."

4. College Student #4

"Well, I lost mine when I met this guy outside of a bar. He and his friends just happened to be waiting for their Uber and my friends and I were just hanging out. I said I liked his shirt because it had my favorite anime character on it and we just started talking. Uber was in high demand so it was going to take like 20 minutes to come, which gave me enough time to talk to him. He was super funny and his beard was a plus. When his Uber came, he asked if I wanted to come back with him and his friends to his apartment. I was really feeling him, so I said yes and one of my friends came with me because she was talking to one of his other friends. Thankfully, I cancelled our ride and didn’t get charged. But then when he and his friends realized that not all of us could fit in the car, half got in the car and the rest of us walked back to the apartment complex. The walk wasn't that far, because I kept talking to him the whole time and he made me laugh the whole way there.

When we got to his apartment, we went to his room and listened to music, and then watched some Netflix (well, BARELY actually). He just went in and kissed me, and everything happened from there, if you know what I mean. He kissed like a dog but whatever, I was in the moment. But then I kind of ghosted him because he was hitting me up at the weirdest times and I got tired of him."

5. College Student #5

"Man, I lost mine to this guy in my sophomore year of college and we then became friends with benefits. Things kind of ended because my idiot ass had to catch feelings and he just wanted to smash. He was a piece of s*** anyways."

6. College Student #6

"I lost mine to this guy after a function and it was honestly the worst sex I've ever had. I wanted to try it for the experience, but I wasn't feeling him. I tried doing it with other guys and I didn't see the point of it. The funny thing is now I am dating a beautiful girl, which is probably why I was never attracted to these guys in the first place. I personally don't count the guys I've been with in the past because I didn't feel anything that I feel with girls. Can I say my first time was with a girl instead?"

7. College Student #7

"I lost my virginity to my best guy friend in sophomore year and we did it in my dorm room. My roommate was in class for a few hours so I was able to sneak him in. My bed was super small since it's a Twin XL, but it was really good. He already lost his in freshman year. He made sure to see if I was okay and asked me if I was comfortable with doing certain things. We then made it official a few days later and we've been dating ever since. I'm so glad I got myself out of the friend zone because girl, I was dying inside."

8. College Student #8

"I lost mine to a college frat boy when I was visiting my sister's university, and he literally lasted like 2 minutes. I was kind of wondering if it even counted. He was nice though. And yeah, I was still a senior in high school."

9. College Student #9

"I don't regret losing my virginity, but I regret WHERE I did it. I lost mine in a car behind Five Guys and that was the weirdest sex I've ever had in my life. Looking back, I wish I was more patient instead of rushing into things. It kind of doesn't matter now that I have a boyfriend and we can just do it normally, if that makes sense."

10. College Student #10

"I lost mine through a Tinder match…DON'T EVER DO IT. You know what, I'm not counting that."

11. College Student #11

"This is embarrassing, but I lost mine to my now EX-boyfriend in high school. We did it in his room. His then-6-year-old sister accidentally walked in on us and I was so embarrassed. My ex and I both started laughing and immediately stopped, but she didn't say anything. We had the covers over us like halfway too. I don't even think she remembered the next time I came over either, but I'm going to leave it at that. I still love his little sister, but I can't stand my ex."

12. College Student #12

"Don't judge, but I lost mine in the library to my boyfriend back in freshman year. Looking back, I wish he was more creative with it and we could have done it on, you know…a f*****g bed."

13. College Student #13

"Girl, you know what's funny is that I literally don't even remember because my body count is so high. Can I say that?"

14. College Student #14

"I lost mine to this random guy during spring break in Miami last year. All of my friends lost theirs in high school and I was tired of not being able to relate to them, so I wanted to see what it was like. It was so awkward and we never talked again. He was a really nice dude, but I guess it was just a one-time thing. He was from ASU, I think. I never regret anything BUT I wish I didn't rush to lose it so bad. If I had some advice to give, I would just say don't be pressured by the hook-up culture. Find someone who is willing to wait for you. When you're ready, you'll know. "

15. College Student #15

"I lost mine at my summer job working as a lifeguard when I was 15. We did it in a shed by the pool. We became f*** buddies in secret until some of my coworkers noticed we were spending a lot of time together and making jokes. They made jokes like that all the time, but I was just super paranoid. When summer ended, he went to Florida State for school and we just fizzled out."

16. College Student #16

"I lost mine in college to a 28-year-old. It was pretty good and we were consistent. My friends would joke that he was my sugar daddy, except he NEVER had money. I was always paying for Lyft rides and I got tired of it, so I cursed him out and we blocked each other. So that's that."

17. College Student #17

"I lost my virginity on prom night. Except it wasn't my prom, it was my ex-boyfriend's. He got a room at the Double Tree and we were making plans to have sex right after prom. When we got to the hotel, I was super nervous and I remember I had to pee like 20 times, but he reassured me I would be fine. It was nice for my first time, but I kind of said, "That's it?" Like I had higher expectations, to be honest. We ended things on good terms, but we don't really talk."

18. College Student #18

"I swear I was super paranoid when I lost mine. I have really strict parents, so I worry about everything. But I lost it to a guy friend that I no longer talk to. I was 19 and he was 23. We were wearing protection until it broke halfway through and he didn't tell me, so I went weeks being paranoid and thinking I was pregnant. I guess my experience was not really good I guess. BUT I AM NOW 21 AND BEAT TEEN PREGNANCY THOUGH. AYE!"

19. College Student #19

"My friend told me to give Tinder a try and I did. I was talking to about six guys until I had a really good conversation with this one guy. I'll call him 'D.' We were talking almost every day and we finally decided to meet up at a party at the Colonies. We hooked up on some person's bed. It was really awkward at first; I remember I was complaining about how hot it was and I was sweating like s***. And then he wanted to turn all of the lights off because he was 'self-conscious,' which was understandable, I guess, and plus it was so damn hot. It was an 'okay' experience, but I didn't really enjoy it. But the next day, I was telling my friends in our group chat all about it while being proud of myself. I was kind of hyping myself up, because I guess that's college for you. But I unmatched with the dude because we kind of died out a few weeks later. I met new guys on Tinder and I'm now talking to one that I really like and this time, I'll do things a little differently."

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