5 Podcasts That Every College Girl Has Got To Listen To
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College Girls, Here Are 5 Podcasts That Are Guaranteed To Encourage You

Your commute just got a whole lot more exciting.


Typically, I have a bit of a morning commute and when you are by yourself, that commute can get a tad bit lonely.

I have found the solution to this and Y'ALL have got to jump on board.


I thought podcasts were something grandmas listened to and that they had no part in my college life.

Well, I am here to admit that I was oh so wrong (and to admit that I am basically a grandma trapped in a 20 year olds body anyways).

I figured that listening to someone talk for a whole hour or so would be pretty boring.

Here's the deal, podcasts are NOT at all boring, and if you stumble upon one that is, then you are listening to the wrong one.

In fact, they have taught me various life lessons throughout the past few months.

Sure, books, articles, Facebook posts, and many other storytelling methods have a way to do just that as well. However, podcasts have a new way of doing this. You can actually hear someone's voice out loud and in the open as they share their stories, interviews, and encouragement.

This is about to sound extremely cliche, but it feels just like someone is hanging out with you. You no longer feel alone and hopefully not alone in your struggles either!

Gals, for all of you wanting to jump on board and start listening to these lovely chats but don't know where to start, I've got a couple suggestions for ya'.

1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

HOLY BANANAS, gals. This podcast is going to change your life for the better. Jamie chats about all things from abortion, to religion, to drug addiction, to her new book, as she interviews fellow creatives and anyone willing to share their story. Also, she includes some super upbeat music that is sure to put you in a more upbeat mood on your way to the office.

2. The Glorious In The Mundane

Alright, this podcast is the epitome of inspiring. If you need someone to remind you to relax, take a break, and look for the good in any situation, Christy Nockels is your gal.

3. The Refined Collective Podcast

Kat Harris is a photographer that lives in Brooklyn. She shares bits and pieces of her story and discusses what it's like to be a virgin amidst a society that this is UNHEARD of. You can also catch her interviews with other creatives and be inspired along the way.

4. Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie was one of the first podcast-ers I started listening to and I just absolutely adored her zeal for life, travel, and the need for community. She dives right into struggles she faced in college and talks a lot about single life and the ways that this season of your life could be used for good! Grab a slice of pizza and join the lovely Stephanie May Wilson in her next conversation!

5. Revelation Wellness

GIRLS. Let's be real. Body image is something that SO many of us struggle with. Without diving way in and discovering the root for all of these negative thoughts about ourselves, we can't heal. HOLY MOLY, it is quite a process. Alisa Keeton knows that healthy doesn't mean a certain number on the scale.

Heck, whether or not you are in college, podcasts are something you have got to jump on board with! Take a second and listen to these words, you won't have a single regret.

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