A Day In The Life Of A College Girl During Finals Week

Thanksgiving break is all chill, you're hanging with the family and hometown homies, your life is not in complete shambles…yet. BOOM, school is back to scream hello and you're on overdrive. The semester is almost over, but you were done a long time ago. Your motivation is not there, and neither is this month's rent.

Everything is just about going to sh*t.

You wake up, or actually, you might already be awake from pulling an all-nighter trying to fit in the 239857398475 projects that professors thought was OK to assign all at once. I am certain that professors have a huge GroupMe of deciding on how to sabotage all student's lives and have an evil laugh with each assigned paper and project.

You pour the magical Folger's coffee mix into the pot, and the aroma instantly perks you up, and makes you feel alive. (I know this sounds like I'm describing a crack user, but I promise I'm not.)

You look in the mirror and notice that after all the stress and lack of sleep, you start to resemble the Babadook. You douse your hair in dry shampoo, slap on some concealer to hide the 80-pound bags and black circles, and take on the battle of finals.

Typing vigorously trying so hard to make that 1500-word count, you start to use "very" and "really" in hopes that makes it longer. Your motivation for a research paper is getting so bad that you start to use Wikipedia as a source.

You zone out in class and start to think about the Bahamas and what it would be like if you just dropped out of college right now. You then realize that isn't a rational decision and you start crying. You then realize you have another project that's due tomorrow, and you start crying even more.

The week is long and dreary… and morale is dropping faster each and every day. Instead of making the PowerPoint for your presentation, you're making a PowerPoint of a Christmas list that you're planning to send all of your family and friends. The last slide you make is asking for your sanity back, but you know that Santa or your mom can't do that. So, you cry more.

You turn in your last final exam, and a huge weight, I mean a ton, like a freaking bag of bowling balls has been lifted off your shoulders. You take a deep breath and blow out all the stress.

College students are basically like war veterans after they complete finals week. Here's to lots of coffee, tears, writing, and studying. Good luck and Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, so hang in there.

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