College Friendships Are Lifetime Friendships

Friends make everything fun. College is supposed to be fun. So, what happens when you finally get to see your friends from college after being apart for months? A lot happens because everyone is happy to see each other again. I was excited to see them again even though I will not be living down the hall from them anymore.

Coming back to campus is great and all, but when you do not have your friends there with you, your life can be a little boring. Nothing beats the feeling of getting to see all of your friends again!

Slowly, but surely, I am getting to see everyone I missed over the summer and I cannot wait to make more memories with them as the year goes on. What is great about college friends is that they support you no matter what.

Many of us have been separated for the summer, however, some of them were gone for the entire semester last school year. When I saw my friends, it was the greatest feeling in the world, especially when one of them is my best friend.

Friends are also willing to help each other whenever someone needs help. Friends also make it a point to stop and talk to you even when they are running late for class. Friends make college bearable and exciting, and you cannot beat the feeling of seeing them after being months apart.

I know over the last couple months I missed my friends and wanted to see them and hang out with them, but when you are from different parts of the country or are working in different parts of the country, it is difficult to see them.

When you see these people, it is sometimes like the first time all over again, but then at the same time, nothing has changed between you. You pick up right where you left off from the last time you saw each other.

Whether it has been months or days or hours, college friendships are the friendships that last a lifetime. These are the friends you will see in 20 years after not talking in months and it will be like nothing has changed.

These are the friendships I value and I could not be any happier with my friends. I know the memories we make this year will be memories that last a lifetime. Lifetime friendships are everything, and they always have interesting stories that everyone will laugh at in the future. To my friends, thank you for being you and thank you for being my friends!

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