College Friends Are So Much Better Than High School Friends

College Friends Are So Much Better Than High School Friends

High school friends usually never stick, but college friends are with you forever.

In high school, you're surrounded by the same people every day for four years. You develop friendships, mostly out of chance, but sometimes because you truly like the other person. You hang out with them all the time, go to lame high school events, and your family knows everything about them. Eventually, they'll stab you in the back, or you'll just go your separate ways, only a few actually keep in touch.

In college, making friends is a little harder than usual, but once you do make friends, you will be with them for a lifetime. They share many interests with you, come from different backgrounds, choose different majors, but the differences and similarities are what creates such a close bond. College friends do stupid things with you on the weekends, but help you study for midterms and finals during the week.

Friends are what gets you through the hardest of times, and lifts you up in the best of times. They're essential, and everyone needs them.

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Why Your College Best Friend Is 'Your Person'

In college, you meet that one special person who will always be there for you.

In college, you meet that one special person who will always be there for you. I know what you're thinking — it's a guy, right? No way, it's a girl. A girl who will be there even when you feel like you have nobody.

Here are six reasons why your college best friend is "your person."

1. No matter the boy drama, she'll always be there to tell you they are stupid.

2. You hate the same people, and you know they would help you hide the body if need be.

3. Everybody knows if she is sad or in a bad mood, so are you.

4. When they are mean, you know it's only because they stayed up all night watching Netflix and you are the only one who can understand them.

5. They are the only one who agrees that if there is no food at an event, you both are leaving.

6. They will always come before everybody, and even if you are thousands of miles apart from each other, she will still be your person.

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