I Asked 10 College Freshmen Across The Country About Their First Day And Here's How It Went

The first day of college is unique for everyone. First you're in your hometown with all your high school friends and bam, you're thrown into this new environment where you are forced to adapt by yourself. On my first day, I found myself running across campus and meeting tons of new people. It was all very exciting and different. Across the country, college freshmen are scouring to make new friends, adjust to new classes and overall, build upon a clean slate.

I asked 10 freshmen from various different universities to reflect on their first day of college and here's how it went.

Female, University of Connecticut — Storrs

"For me, I'd describe it as exciting and confusing all at the same time. Also very intimidating."

Female, University of Rhode Island

"It was a relief to have my first day of classes because it gave me structure and a routine again."

Male, Roger Williams University

"The first day was pretty awkward, not gonna lie. I was so nervous about so much sh*t that now looking back, I had no reason to be nervous. I thought I wouldn't make friends and would want to go home, but that's not true."

Female, Sacred Heart University

"The first day of college was a rush of excitement and nervousness. I felt like I was ready to make mistakes that will lead me on to success."

Male, University of New Hampshire

"It is the most surreal yet scary part of college because it was the first time leaving my family and being forced to put myself out there in order to meet people and make friends."

Female, Temple University

"I would say the first day at college is certainly a bit nerve-wracking. You're leaving everything you know, your friends, family, home behind and starting over someplace new and it takes some getting used to — to re-adjust, but once you're settled in it's your new home and you'll feel like it's where you're meant to be."

Female, Spelman College

"It was different, a weird different but in a good way."

Female, University of Connecticut — Storrs

"The college experience is definitely something that you can't really predict/imagine until you've lived it."

Female, University of Rhode Island

"It's not like 'Monsters University' at all. I watched so many movies to prepare for it and it was not like it at all. But it was good."

Male, Purdue University

"it was very intense but also very interesting. It was nice to have classes on subjects I chose and am interested in."

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