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30 Things Every College Freshman Needs To Know ~Before~ Move-In Day, BET

Consider this your summer assignment.


By the end of August, most new college freshmen will be all moved into their dorms and ready to start their first semester at college. But after the excitement of moving in, meeting their roommate, and getting to know everyone on their floor wears off, many freshmen are left wondering what to do. College is a pretty big change in life, and here's what you need to know:

1. Don't expect to stay BFFs with your first group of college friends.

2. Your friends from high school might change -- for the better or the worse.

3. Go to activity fairs at your college and find at least five clubs or organizations you're interested in.

4. You can find almost any textbook for a lower price online.

5. Make friends with at least one person in every class.

6. Introduce yourself to your professors either after class or during office hours.

7. Eat breakfast in the morning. Don't go to class hungry!

8. If you're not a morning person, don't sign up for early classes.

9. Always check in with your academic advisors and professors.

10. Make a study group with people you meet in class.

11. If partying isn't your thing, don't force yourself to go.

12. Call your parents every once in a while.

13. Don't go on a date with anyone who only wants to see you after 11 pm.

14. Get to know your RA -- they can be super helpful when it comes to questions about both academic and social aspects of college.

15. Reach out to anyone from your high school who goes to your college if you're feeling homesick -- it can be nice to see a familiar face.

16. Don't spend money on things you don't need.

17. Look up what your closest pharmacy is.

18. Keep easy to make foods such as ramen and mac and cheese in your room for nights when you're too busy to wait on line in the dining hall, but don't live off of them.

19. Don't be afraid to be you -- express your personal style and speak up for what you believe in.

20. Try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. This can be hard to do in college, but getting enough sleep every night is still important.

21. Know what resources your college has for students.

22. If your college offers free gym memberships, take advantage of it! After graduation, you'll probably have to pay per month to go.

23. Only join Greek Life if you want to.

24. Take advantage of discounts and deals for college students.

25. If you're going to drink, do so responsibly. Know your limits and have a designated driver to get you home.

26. You'll know when you've found your friends. They'll be people you can be 100% you around, who you trust, and who you feel safe confiding in.

27. Treat yourself after working hard. Get a cup of coffee, watch an episode of your favorite tv show, or go out with your friends. You've earned it.

28. If you're bringing a car on campus, make sure you know all of your college's parking regulations. Campus parking tickets are EXPENSIVE.

29. The day before the first day of classes, walk through campus to figure out how to get to all of your classes.

30. Make the most out of the next four years -- they go by faster than you can imagine.

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