College Football Playoffs Preview
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College Football Playoffs Preview

College Football Playoffs Preview
The second game of the day slates the top ranked Crimson Tide against the fourth ranked Buckeyes, as Urban Meyer and Nick Saban have their teams battle it out in the Sugar Bowl.  The main storyline going in is that Nick Saban will have a month to prepare for Cardale Jones, the third-string quarterback, who played exceptionally well in Big Ten championship game, leading Ohio State to a convincing 59-0 win over Wisconsin.  Both teams bring in impressive offenses, with both teams ranked in the top 10 for total offense.  Alabama is led offensively by quarterback Blake Sims, who threw for 26 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions,  and by Heisman finalist Amari Cooper, who led the nation in receiving yards with 1656.   Ohio State on the other hand  has scored at least 31 points in 12 out of 13 games this season, and has been impressive of late having beaten three ranked teams in the past five weeks.  Both teams can put up points in a hurry, but Alabama has the slight edge in this semifinal matchup.

Prediction: Alabama – 34   Ohio State- 21


The second ranked Ducks versus the third ranked Seminoles features the last two Heisman winners battling it out in Pasadena.  Current Heisman winner Marcus Mariota has been stunning this season, leading the Ducks to a 12-1 record, while throwing 38 touchdowns to a measly 2 interceptions.  Mariota can also beat you on the ground as he boasts an impressive 669 yards rushing with 14 scores to go along with it.  Florida State can also boast having a great player under center, as Jameis Winston leads the charge once again.  Winston has not lost since taking control of the starting spot, and while his numbers have dropped since last year, the Seminoles record has not suffered in the slightest.    

Winston should be able to pick apart the Duck’s defense, which ranks 120th in terms of passing yards allowed, and with the loss of All-American defensive back Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, it’ll force some inexperienced players to step up in this pressure-filled game.  With both defenses having been shaky for the most part of the season, this game shapes up to be a high scoring affair.  A couple players to look out for include true freshman Dalvin Cook, who has rushed for 905 yards and averaging 5.8 yards per carry, and another freshman Royce Freeman, who has led the Duck’s rushing attack with 1299 yards. 

Prediction: Oregon- 27  Florida State- 38

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