20 things College Football Fans Want In 2019
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20 Things Every College Football Fan Wants To See In The 2019 Season

Starting with a new team being National Champions

20 Things Every College Football Fan Wants To See In The 2019 Season

Trevor Lawrence took the college football world by storm in the 2018-19 season as a true freshman, leading the Clemson Tigers to an undefeated 15-0 national championship season. They throttled Alabama along the way, and like the Tide, have won two national championships in three years. Lawrence begins his second of three required years in college, and Alabama looks to get back to the top of the mountain, but there's more that we want to see aside from Clemson and Alabama. Without further ado, here are 20 things every college football fan wants to see in the 2019 season.

1. Someone other than Clemson and Alabama playing for the national championship

Clemson and Alabama have faced off in three of the last four championship games, and have each made the playoffs in all of the last four seasons. Obviously, they're the two dominant forces in college football, but other teams need to step up to the big stage. In other words, if they're the two best teams, so be it, but we want to see other teams dethrone them.

2. Trevor Lawrence's man bun game

Everybody knew about his long locks from his freshman year, and he rocks it well. Too bad he's taken, but he's as handsome a man as they come.

3. Four new teams in the College Football Playoff

A lot of fans are simply tired of Clemson and Alabama playing for the title, let alone making the playoff every year. It was a welcome sign to see Notre Dame qualify after an undefeated season, but for the LSUs, Michigans, Georgias, and Texases of college football, we want to see them make it. As Sam Ehlinger said of Texas, "We're baaaaaaaaack!"... we'll see if Texas is actually back (again).

4. How Justin Fields fares at Ohio State/How Ryan Day fares as a head coach

With Dwayne Haskins onto the NFL and Ryan Day as head coach, there's a lot of hype surrounding Justin Fields, who transferred Fromm Georgia (pun intended). The only recruit better than him out of high school was the aforementioned Trevor Lawrence, so the pressure's on for this young sophomore. Ryan Day replaces Urban Meyer, who won 82 games in 7 seasons.

5. If anyone break Barry Sanders' yardage mark for rushing yards in a season

Melvin Gordon came close with 2,587 yards in 2014, and last year's Doak Walker award winner is Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor. After rushing for over 2,000 yards as a sophomore, can he break Sanders' record as a junior before going off to the NFL?

6. Jacob Eason replacing Jake Browning at Washington

Browning was a four-year starter for the Huskies, leading the team to three 10+ win seasons, and two Pac-12 championships. Eason transferred from Georgia as well, and will be eligible after sitting out in 2018.

7. If this will be Nick Saban's last season at Alabama

Saban has been at Alabama for 12 seasons and is entering his 13th, and as he gets up higher in age, people wonder how much longer he'll be coaching. I don't think it will be Saban's last, but we never know. His mind is as sharp as ever and he has as much energy as any coach in the country, especially one his age.

8. If Michigan can beat Ohio State

The simple answer is, "Yes they can". But will they? Find out on November 30, 2019.

9. If this year's first-year coaches are the right people for their jobs

Guys like Mack Brown and Les Miles, take over at moribund football programs with outstanding pedigrees, and Dana Holgorsen replaces Major Applewhite at Houston, who was fired after going 8-5. Not to forget, Rod Carey replaces Geoff Collins at Temple, where Collins went to Georgia Tech, and Manny Diaz, who originally was named as Temple coach, replaces Mark Richt at Miami.

10. If Notre Dame can make a return trip to the playoff

The schedule is a lot tougher in 2019.

11. Memes

Unfortunately for these four souls, they're going to get plastered on social media all season long just because of one moment, even though they were all in the past. Future ones are coming too. Bank on it.

13. Fumbling before scoring the touchdown

Just think about how it changes a game. Or a play, for that matter.

15. If Miami and Florida can kick off the season the right way

Miami vs. Florida in Orlando is the marquee matchup for this coming Saturday (August 24), and two blue-blood schools will be clashing in an in-state battle, and this one will really impact recruiting in the state, where Florida has some of the best players every year coming out of high school.

16. Upsets, upsets, upsets!

The main "Year of the Upset" was in 2007, started with Appalachian State upsetting Michigan in Ann Arbor; many more upsets of top 5 teams against unranked teams took place later that season. Which highly ranked team will be the first to fall to an unranked foe?

17. College Gameday going to new locations

There are quite a few schools who have yet to host Gameday at their campus all-time, so it would be really cool to go to new locations during the season.

18. If Texas A&M can take down Clemson in Death Valley

Clemson entered 12th Man territory in 2018 with two key quarterbacks and escaped by two points. Only one of them is back (Trevor Lawrence) - will that be the difference this season?

19. An FCS team beat an FBS team

North Dakota State has done it multiple times, including upsetting Iowa in Kinnick Stadium in 2016. Who will be next?

It may possibly never happen again with NDSU because Chris Klieman is the new coach at Kansas State, replacing the legendary Bill Snyder.

20. Instant classics

"GRANT HALEY... WILL SCORE!" is just one of many examples we've seen over the years, and they are the reason why College Football is so interesting.

College Football is eventful every year, with crazy twists and turns that will ultimately have a big impact on who the final four are for the college football playoff. Get ready for the next edition starting August 24. These 20 things are not exhaustive but are some of the things that will be interesting to watch out for this season.

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