Thoughts When Requesting UNC Student Football Tickets
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Mack Is Back And 10 Other Thoughts UNC Students Have While Trying To Request Student Football Tickets

We win one game and everyone acts like we've won the Super Bowl

Mack Is Back And 10 Other Thoughts UNC Students Have While Trying To Request Student Football Tickets
Bekah Pounds

I'm a senior at UNC, which means I've seen the highest of highs when it comes to Carolina athletics, but it also means I've seen the lowest of lows (peep our football record for the past two years). Don't get me wrong, I am ECSTATIC that Mack Brown is back at the helm of our football program, but I am not here for all of the different changes they've made because of it. I've been going to football games for the past three years, and now, during my senior year, my friends and I struggle to get tickets to games. I love sports, I love Carolina, and most importantly I love Carolina sports but the stress they leave me with trying to get tickets just to go watch them isn't worth it at the end of the day.

Mack is Back!!

Image: Mack Brown celebrates UNC win with an amazing locker room dance

I am well aware that the majority of us weren't even born when Mack Brown was last at Carolina, but his reputation most definitely proceeds him. For that reason, and the fact that he actually has led us to the first 2-0 record in who knows when I understand the ticket system.

*Request opens at 9am* *Me logging on at 9:05 thinking I'll be fine*


My thought process was that the Miami game ran out of tickets within 30 hours, so five minutes should be fine right? Joke's on me people are on top of their student ticket game.

What the actual heck is a virtual waiting room


That dreaded spinning circle and waiting game hoping that by some miracle you haven't actually missed out on your chance at free tickets and the opportunity to see the game from the student section. Also, I just don't understand why they thought this system wouldn't crash their site because they added in a "virtual waiting room."

Guess we don't have to wait until basketball season to stress about tickets to sporting events


We already have the lottery for basketball games, if Carolina athletics didn't want me to go to sporting events, they should've just said so not make me leap through rings to figure that out.

This level of stress cannot be good for my health


I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was akin to something of hypertension waiting to be able to reserve my ticket for the game... and that's not even a joke.

I wonder how many of these people are actually requesting a ticket just to turn around and sell it


I'll say it one time and one tine only DON'T BE THE PERSON WHO BUYS THE TICKET JUST TO SELL IT. Some of us actually want to go to the freaking game for free (like we should be able to) but you people go and ruin it by taking tickets you don't even intend to use. Y'all are the reason this system is trash.

How does a football stadium with a capacity of 51,000 run out of student tickets?

The Dean Dome I understand running out of tickets but there are SO MANY student seats in the Tar Pit, I truly just don't understand how you can feasibly run out of student seats. Please someone explain this to me and tell me how many student seats there actually are because I'm flabbergasted.

Where were all these people last year during football season....?


As I said, I've watched this team lose brutally for the past two years and have successes the year before that. I've sat outside of Kenan for hours prior to the gate opening just to be on the first I'm having to hope and pray I'm quick enough to my laptop to get tickets, that doesn't seem right.

At this rate, I have a better shot of getting basketball tickets than football tickets


I'm going to be completely honest: I truly feel like I have a better chance at getting a ticket to the Dook basketball game than I do to the Clemson game....and we aren't even RANKED in football.

I guess I'll just have to troll Facebook looking for a ticket


Every other post in the Facebook groups is someone desperately begging someone to give them their ticket. Heck, I even saw someone savagely claim to be willing to pay more than someone who posted ten minutes before them.

If we don't make it to a bowl game with how extra UNC athletics is being with this ticket policy I'm going to be pissed


If we don't have a winning season I'm just going to sit there and laugh because these people are being beyond extra when it comes to giving out student football tickets.

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