Welp, it's time for students all across the country to retreat back to their colleges for another school year. Exciting times, right?! Unless you're a recent college grad who still doesn't believe they're also not coming back this semester (tear). So here's some aspects of FOMO that's probably hitting all of you right in the feels right about now.

1. It's Move In Day

Yeah you graduated in May, but it wasn't feeling ultimately real because the newest class hadn't arrived yet. But incoming freshmen have flooded residence halls and the move in process has begun! As much as you wish it was you starting your four years all over again, you know these new students are in for the best time of their lives.

2. Seeing snaps of your friends at your favorite restaurants

You probably ate at all of these places 800 times in your last week, knowing any one of those days could've been your last. So now you've got the countdown to your next visit back so you can reunite with your favorite hot spots.

3. And your favorite bars/party houses...

You used to RULE that dance floor or kitchen counter. Your favorite college memories are filled with blurry nights from all of the same locations your friends are living up currently. You're probably wishing you could travel back in time to relive some of those favorite moments with your favorite people. But for now, once those songs are queued up elsewhere, you're left time traveling to them in your mind. 'Til homecoming that is!

4. Tailgate season doesn't include you

Regardless of whether or not your school's football team was good or not, nothing beat a fall tailgate. Hell, sometimes it was even better than the game itself! Time to preoccupy your Saturdays with something else in the meantime.

5. Your friends aren't a hop, skip, or a jump away from you anymore

Nothing beat the proximity of being a stone's throw away from your very best friends, walking through their doors without a knock, or being two seconds away from spontaneous plans. Now you're spread out across the country trying to figure out the next practical time to get a reunion going. But the beautiful thing is that those friendships will carry you through life, so maybe physical presence may be lacking, but the support is everlasting.

6. You miss your walks around campus

Maybe your work commute isn't as peaceful or relaxing as a stroll through campus. Maybe you can't escape to your favorite bench or spot on campus when the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Maybe your graduate school is just so different from what you called home for four years. Cheer up though, you'll find your niche. Your just left a piece of your heart at your former home.

And that's the truth, it will always be home.