Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Sane When College Has You Feeling Like The World is Falling Apart
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Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Sane When College Has You Feeling Like The World is Falling Apart

Can't stay sane in college?

Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Sane When College Has You Feeling Like The World is Falling Apart

With all the snow days and flu season being in full swing it's no surprise to feel like college is making you cry for help. Here are some ways to help stop that mental breakdown over schoolwork.

1. Get to class early or use any free time to study/do homework.

Going early to class is great because it can allow you to use that time to do 10-15 minutes of reading or doing your homework. I try to get to math class 30 minutes early so I can understand my Chemistry textbook. Reading my book before class starts helps me since chemistry is an intense class.

2. Know your priorities

Knowing your priories is one way to keep stress down. Maybe staying in to do studying instead of going out with friends on a Saturday can help you get ahead in schoolwork. Do this can leave you with free time the next weekend for hanging out and having fun.

3. Try and get plenty of rest!

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep and doing work ahead of time can boost your overall stamina and confidence. Going to bed at a decent hour will do you a world of good and help you to stay focus in class.

4. Drink water and eat brain foods to keep you going.

With all the assignments you've got to turn in its important to make sure your body is being fueled with the right stuff to keep you going. Making sure you drink plenty of water and eating brain foods like fish, spinach, and oatmeal can improve your focus and overall brain function. What are you waiting for get those power brain foods in your diet!

5. Plan everything!

Use that planner you've wanted to use.I am not sure how I much can stress about planning being an essential thing to do! Using a planner is one of my favorite ways to stay organized. I use a cute Recollections planner from Michaels that has a mermaid with the saying "I'd rather be a mermaid." I use my planner for everything, assignment, events, and hangouts with friends. My planner is small enough to fit in my backpack and doesn't weigh it down at all.

6. Exercise the stress off.

I think the most important thing you can do when the world seems to be falling apart is exercise. You don't have to hit the gym, but, maybe taking a stroll or dancing can help you to relieve stress. Cardio and kickboxing are another way you can release your anxieties and worries about college.

What are some ways you tackle stressful times at college? Comment below.

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