College Explained By Jessica Day

College: your most expensive love/hate relationship. Your college days bring you some of your lowest lows and your highest highs, but everything considered, they still are some pretty awesome days. Here is your college experience told by Jessica Day from New Girl:

1. When the semester bill is posted right before classes start:

2. Trying to stay sane on the first few days of classes when you have to listen to all your professors read aloud their syllabus:

3. The first few weeks when you think you have your workload under control:

4. And a few weeks later when you realize that you actually don't have the workload under control:

5. When you talk to a high schooler and realize that you are already out of touch with the latest slang:

6. So you try to sell yourself to make new friends:

7. But if that fails, you appreciate how awesome a night alone can be too:

8. Trying to make your schedule for the following semester and you're overwhelmed with all the options:

9. When finals week is approaching and you're attempting to comprehend the textbooks you've barely opened all semester:

10. Getting lost in the internet while sleep deprived and on hour 8 of studying:

11. Going into your first exam, full of fake confidence:

12. And finally finishing your last exam:

13. Then gracefully dancing your way into semester break:

14. And destroying anyone who reminds you that winter break isn't that long:

Now, go out and conquer this upcoming semester!

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