Congratulations, high school seniors. You have finally reached the end and are now about to attend college. Since I am on the verge of completing my first year in college, I am leaving you with some essentials that wouldn't cross your mind to bring and that no one tells you that you need.

1. A good, sturdy backpack

There are some days when I leave my room for class with my backpack and I never come back. For those days, since I know I won't be home for a while I pack everything that I would need for the day. By that point, my backpack is completely filled up. Without a sturdy backpack, I would not be able to survive these long days.

2. Invest in a pair of better quality headphones

I truly do not know how I would have gotten through college without a pair of headphones, especially the first year. I am not a fan of using headphones but unfortunately, I am never in an environment where I can just blast my music or TV shows. Headphones are absolutely essential. There's not a single day that goes by that I don't see someone wearing them. Since you'll be using them quite frequently, it is worth it to buy a more expensive pair. You want headphones that will last and provide great sound for all those lectures you'll be watching *wink* *wink*.

3. Fabric freshener

You absolutely need this product. I cannot stress this enough. While in college, you are living in a completely new environment. My mom always says that we all have that "college smell"- that odor we have from living in a musty dorm or apartment. This odor goes onto all of our clothes. No one likes that smell, so do yourself a favor and spray fabric freshener on your pants and shirts. Also, most people tend to wear their clothes a few times before washing them. So ust spray your clothes so you don't have to worry about weird odors.

4. A duffle bag or weekend bag

We're all spontaneous college kids. You never know when your friend with a car is going to unexpectedly ask you if you want to take a road trip to another university to visit friends or if your club is going to put on a trip to another state. Obviously, you'll have suitcases from bringing up your clothes at the beginning of the year but you're not going to want to drag it to another place just for the weekend. Invest in a smaller bag for those overnight trips or stays at a friend's house.

5. Business casual clothes

You've probably been told some of the ones I mentioned above but this one is the one thing that no one actually told me to bring. Then, one day my sorority told me that the attire for a meeting was business casual. I got a little worried because I didn't have anything. Luckily, my mom shipped me some clothes the next day. Since you're in college, which is supposed to train you for the real world, you are expected to own at least one pair of slacks and a nice button down shirt. Whether it's a career fair or an unexpected interview, owning business casual clothing is a very important addition to your wardrobe.

6. A printer

I am very careful about who I tell that I have a printer. This is the one thing no one seems to know to bring. Everyone assumes that they can just go to the library and pay for what they need to print but what if the system is down or you don't have time to walk all the way to the library? Do yourself a favor, spare your stress, and just buy a printer. Also, don't tell anyone you have it because they will use you for it. Just saying.

7. A portable steamer

It seems so silly that this is something you would need but having it has definitely come in handy. Since there is limited closet space, I've shoved many of my shirts in the three-drawer dresser they have provided for me and it has resulted in wrinkles. Wrinkled shirts are something you cannot hide. It makes you look sloppy. Portable steamers are so easy to use and inexpensive, so there is no reason why you shouldn't buy one.

8. A stapler

Yes, you really do need this. But for some reason, no one tells you that. As I previously stated, you print a lot. Most of the time, they are essays. These essays are never just one page. I can't even begin how many times someone has asked me to use my stapler. It is such an essential for school.

9. A bathing suit 

All you need is one bathing suit and you will be fine for the whole year. When my parents first moved me in, I didn't bring up a single bathing suit. I didn't think I needed one. Then, my parents suggested I should probably buy one because one day it could be nice and hot out, and your friend with an apartment and a pool could ask you to come over and tan. Expect the unexpected.

10. An air mattress

What if one of your friends that goes to another university wants to come up to visit you? Do you really want to share your already tiny, twin size bed with your friend? I can answer that for you: most definitely not. Even if you don't think anyone will come up to visit you, it is still good to have. Your friend could surprise you, and then you'll have to share your bed with them.