College: Epic Change, Epic Growth

When I use to think of college I would have never thought of the words; epic fail and epic growth. I mean I would have thought that I would change a little bit but I would have never thought it as much as I have. In this year alone I have changed more than I thought humanly possible. I went from a decent high school student, to a huge party student, to a student who can balance it all, (most of the time).

Personality wise I have stayed relatively the same, I am still sarcastic and have a horrible sense of humor, but if my mom was asked she would say I have grown a lot. This time last year I had friends that may not have been the best for me, and I thought I knew it all. My mom tells me she's proud of me. I think it's because I finally found my head. But don't worry I lost it again when college started. When I think back about the people and the things I was okay with last year, it's like looking back on someone who is foreign to me. I mean don't get me wrong, I was not doing drugs and or going to jail, but some of the things that didn't bother me most definitely should have. In one way I noticed I don't deal with the crap that people gave me last year. I grew up and I figured out that I know who I am and I want to be proud of me.

But last semester is when I really knew I had changed because rock bottom hit. I went to parties almost every Thursday. I could not care less about my education, I was way more concerned with the social aspect of college. Little did I know that even though I was super social I didn't have people that I would consider my best friends. It wasn't until almost the end of the semester because I had best friends. I have three friends that I can't thank enough for dealing with me when I wasn't at my best. Thanks to them I was finally willing to change.

Best friends are wonderful things, I have two that live with me now it trust me it is the best thing. They keep me motivated to do my best. They for sure won't take second best they want the world. But the best part about having them though is that they are very straight forward. They won't every lie to me. So I thank them, because who knows without any of my friends I would probably still be on rock bottom.

But the best part about college so far is the fact that last semester I was on academic probation and this semester I am potentially looking at being on the Dean's List. If someone was to tell me back in high school that I would potentially be on the Dean's List in college I would probably suggest that the go see a doctor. In high school I was a student that wasn't always the best. I would go to class but I barely did the work, high school was too easy. I could not do anything all semester but I would end it with a 3.0. Well when I got here that was not the case. School required me to pay attention and do the homework. I learned that lesson a little late as we all know. But now I have it all together, I go to the library and I actually do the work I am supposed to and now my grades truly reflect that.

But in the end college is truly about discovering who you are. Yes there is going to be change yes there is going to be hard work and times you feel like quitting but never give up. That's the great part about college and being human, we get chances to change and really become the people we want to be. My advice is to find the people in your life who will help you reach your full potential. Mine were my parents, and my best friends. Without them as I said I would be lost, instead I am in the best place I have ever been in. I keep hoping that it only gets better from here, which is my hope for everyone.

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