Whether it be accidentally taking someone else's order at the coffee shop, tripping up the stairs on my way to class, getting lost in the Humanities building, or looking orange after my spray tan, I've had my fair share of embarrassing moments. Embarrassment afflicts all of us. We just have to embrace it, and we'll end up laughing about it in the long run.

1. "I dropped and broke a bowl full of sausage links in the middle of the dining hall."

2. "I wanted to say hi to a guy, but ended up slipping and basically sliding on my knees into him just to find out he was talking to another girl. I got up and sprinted out of there."

3. "I got locked out of my room after I showered, and I was only in a towel. I had to wait 15 minutes for my RA to get the master key to unlock it."

4. "I had Psych 453 — Human Sexuality — with the boy I lost my virginity to."

5. "I dropped my lace underwear while carrying my laundry up to my dorm room."

6. "I showed up to a frat when there was no party because I thought it was on Friday, not Thursday, and they kicked us out."

7. "I dropped a pencil over the railing on the top floor of the union. It fell onto a table of people, and they all looked up at me."

8. "I lost my student card and then found it underneath clothes in my room after I had just bought a new one."

9. "I was carrying bags of food through the dining hall with mainly upperclassmen, and all the bottoms ripped."

10. "I fell asleep in class and got yelled at by my professor."

11. "I didn't realize I was taking a class for honors credit, and then I realized in the last week and dropped the honors on the last day of the semester."

12. "I sprained my ankle jumping off a second floor balcony."

13. "I fell asleep in my friend's room, and when I woke up, they all told me I was snoring."

14. "I turned in a Philosophy paper and realized I put the title as 'F*** This.' I got a point for creativity."

College is the golden opportunity to do something embarrassing. It happens to all of us, and these moments will make for the best stories later on.