MANY of my friends and family know that one of my all-time favorite singers is Kenny Chesney. Stay with me, I know you are cringing already. His beachy, country style just makes me so happy to listen to, even on my worst days. There is simply no better way to describe college other than Kenny Chesney lyrics. So here goes, College told by Kenny Chesney

1. “Growin’ Up In Little Pink Houses” – American Kids

This statement is pretty self-explanatory. Especially in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

2. “I’m coming over, call all your friends” – All the Pretty Girls

The infamous line in every group text of mine. College is all about hanging out and having a good time.

3. “Tank tops and flip flops” – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Luckily, the weather at the beach allows every day to be tank tops and flip-flops. It’s my go-to outfit!

4. “When the sun sinks down, over the water” – When The Sun Goes Down

All of those warm beach night’s on Sullivan’s Island start as soon as the Sun goes down!!

5. “Living in Fast Forward,” - Living in Fast Forward

Although we are forever wishing that the endless homework, tests, and quizzes would end so soon – I know that we will forever be wishing to be back in Charleston after Graduation.

6. "Don't Blink" - Don't Blink

This song hits all the feels, as a Sophomore I feel as if the past two years have absolutely flown by. Don't blink when you are in college, the time flies by so fast!

7. "Yeah Man, That's The Good Stuff" - The Good Stuff

Every night spent with friends whether it be at the beach bars, or in the library. All the times you were stressed to the max about your grades. All the time my friends and I have made late night food runs. The laughs, the tears, and smiles — that's the good stuff.

Kenny Chesney is an all-time musical singer legend and he produces some of the best music of all time. These lyrics seemed so senseless at the time, however, his music rings true in so many aspects of my life. I am forever thankful for the one and only, Kenny Chesney!!!!