In my first semester of college, I decided to take 5 classes and this decision has helped me in so many ways. Here's a short yet simple guide to help you take on 5 classes next semester and manage your time efficiently. I hope this article helps you! please feel free to share.

1. Having a set schedule keeps me on track.


Keeping a planner by my side is something that always seems to keep me on track, I prefer paper over electronic when it comes to planning out my schedule. This keeps me focused on my priorities. Juggling 5 courses can be messy but using a planner to sort out everything helps a lot.

2. Looking over notes after every class.

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After every class, I always try to read over any notes taken during that period, so later when studying or completing homework it's easier for me to remember what was discussed earlier that day. I also rewrite the notes a few times to help me remember and learn any concepts.

3. Setting a fake due date for assignments. 

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I've learned that setting the due dates a few days before it's actually due, helps me a lot. I get things done sooner, and I'm head of any homework. this gives me time to study and prepare for any upcoming exams.