College years are some of the most memorable and everyone ought to have a chance to experience them. Even pigs get in on it.

1. The confused freshmen phase.

2. Quickly being put back in your place.

3. "i iz smahrt."

Fun fact: pigs are the fourth smartest animal in the world, even smarter than dogs and three-year-old humans

4. Great hair days.

5. Nonstop party animal.

6. Chug! Chug! Chug!

7. The one who falls asleep gets what they get.

8. Just looking for love.

9. Making new friends.

10. Even some unlikely ones.

11. Snacks. All the time.

12. Going with the flow.

13. Aspiring to drop out and make it big as a musician.

14. Graduation.

Moving on to greener pastures.