College As Told By Blackbear's Digital Druglord
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Student Life

College As Told By Blackbear's Digital Druglord

College As Told By Blackbear's Digital Druglord
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hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone

“My mom’s unhappy

With all the choices I been making with my life”

There will be multiple points during this transitional period in which you will make some questionable decisions. Our mothers will hang their heads in shame for a short period of time before the next mistake is made.


“I got 2 moodz

Sleep is for the weak

Sleeping for a week I swear”

Sometimes you have to stay up until the ungodly hours of the morning to finish a paper or study for an exam. Other times, you are fortunate enough to sleep until three in the afternoon.Also, it is socially acceptable to sleep anywhere peaceful on campus, especially during finals week.

i miss the old u

“I miss the old me

I miss the way I used to be”

Remember when you weren’t paying for food with loose change, weren’t functioning on four hours of sleep and three coffees and weren’t adulting? Me neither.

do re mi

“You wake up every day and make me feel like I’m incompetent”

Have you ever walked into a classroom and feel like you have no idea what is going on? Same. The best part is this is what you’re learning for your future career.

wish u the best

“You and your girls drank all my liquor and y’all ain’t even say thanks”

If you got it, flaunt it. Too broke to afford your own booze? Finesse the men at the frat house for some free drinks and split.

juicy sweatsuits

“All y’all dressed like, “Who dressed you?”

Those 8 A.M. looks, man. Some might come strolling in dressed to the nines, while the rest of us sluggishly walk through the door mismatched in an oversized hoodie, joggers and Crocs. Our bed head and dark circles scream, “I just woke up and don’t care what I look like.”


“Why would you wait on a man that’s never growing up?”

If you’re with a man that does not take his studies seriously, repeatedly picks parties over studying and thinks Netflix and chill is a legitimate date, he’s not the one.

if I could I would feel nothing

“I’m so sick of being tired

I’m so tired of being sick”

A night in which you can sleep for eight full hours is rare; you get used to functioning on minimal sleep. Also, if there’s anything my freshman year of college taught me, it’s that my immune system sucks. Please, please practice good hygiene because if one person is ill, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads across the campus.


“Age 25 and I’m rich now”

Just kidding! You’re still trying to pay off student loans.

make daddy proud

“Go ‘head girl make daddy proud of you

Spendin’ his money”

Interpretation 1: Your parents are more than likely helping you foot the ungodly bill to receive a quality education. Make your actual father proud by getting good grades and finding a job straight out of college.

Interpretation 2: Go get yourself a sugar daddy because your broke self can hardly afford toilet paper.

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