10 Affirmations Every College Student Needs
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10 Affirmations All College Students Should Tell Themselves Before Breakfast

Positive affirmations are an efficient weapon against the tyranny of bad days... which happen... because #college

10 Affirmations All College Students Should Tell Themselves Before Breakfast

College, for lack of a more accurate or appropriate phrase, is a s*it show. Ten-paged papers, hour-long presentations, and procrastinated projects liter the already overwhelming schedules of college students everywhere! If you are a college student and you value your mental health, I suggest you make these next 10 affirmations apart of your "before-breakfast" routine!

1. I am READY to start my day


Getting out of bed is hard; especially after a fun night of studying... or partying! Telling yourself it's time to start the day might be the pick me up you need to get out of bed and into an "i'm ready/ carpe diem" mood.

2. I am whole 


According to Dictionary.com, the word whole means "a thing that is complete in itself." You, by yourself, are a complete and wonderfully made work of art. It is so easy to forget just how complete you are, especially when college starts demanding more and more of you. Reminding yourself daily that you are whole and complete is a great approach toward staying sane in the madhouse that is college.

3. I am going to finish this degree

My high school graduation... in 2015

Amari Gilmore

This affirmation, while simple, is so important. Because college demands so much of you at once, it can become very easy to lose sight of your end goal of graduating. Remind yourself daily that graduating is the end goal!

-this affirmation might help you stay awake in your non-major related general education classes.

4. I WILL finish my work on time


Procrastination will get the best of you if you let it- so don't! Remind yourself in the morning not to leave all your assignments to the last minute and you might just remember to do your work in the random hour you have before class.

-this affirmation will help prevent those last minute freak outs over unfinished projects!!!

5. I am loved AND I love myself


For extroverts (and introverts... maybe), seeing friends is necessary, but not always possible, part of college (and adult) life. When I start to feel lonely and energy depleted, I have to remind myself that my friends do love me and, more importantly, I love myself! If you struggle with self-love and/or are too extroverted for your own good, remind yourself often that you love yourself and are so loved by others!

6. I will work out today. And, I will like it.



Sometimes we have to affirm things that aren't true… without. If you keep telling yourself that you will work out and that you enjoyed your workout, eventually you will start to believe what you are saying. Trust me, I went from a faithful couch sitter to a spin class fanatic (if you go to WCU, try a spin class with Veronica!! Girlfriend's music is always bumpin' and she is super encouraging!!). Working out is an important part of establishing a kick-a** holistic health routine so please, for the love of yourself, get your booty to the gym.

7. I am a holistically healthy human being

Have you tried yoga yet... ??


Our holistic health is something many of us forget about… until it's almost too late. Throughout college, you are bound to develop some withoutillness, be it physical or otherwise, that may keep you from participating in your regularly scheduled events. Sometimes, reminding yourself that you are holistically healthy can "help" your body resist certain unwanted illnesses!

-positive thinking may help lessen stress-induced illness!

8. I am going to “stay in my lane” and run my own race, at my own pace


Let's face it, some people, like myself, are going to take much longer than others to finish their college degree(s). When insecurity about the duration of your college stay hits, remind yourself that your only competition is yourself! You will finish your degree when you finish it and that is all that matters. Do NOT compare your progress to others!!!

-feel free to remind others to stay in their lane too.

-and, feel free to apply this "stay in your lane" mentality to other, non-college specific areas of life

9. I am patient, kind, peaceful, and calm


Ya know, you might not embody all... or any other these qualities, but it is amazing how much more you will want to be patient, kind, peaceful, and calm if you start declaring yourself to be such a person every day before breakfast. Please remind yourself to act according to the four qualities listed above!

10. I am satisfied with where my life is at right now

***probably the most important affirmation to speak over yourself?!


Life, as I have come to understand it, is completely out of humanities control. Here's an example:

Just two months ago I brought a perfectly-working 2005 Nissan Altima. Now, faith, my car, refuses to start; the mechanics have no idea what's wrong! I could get angry about buying a car that only lasted a month, but instead I am CHOOSING to be satisfied with the fact that I had my own car for a month. Choosing to be without with what life gives you instead of angry at what life takes away from you is probably my favorite way of staying sane in college.

Try reminding yourself to be satisfied with your life "as is" on a regular basis and I promise, you'll start finding dependable mental stability in the midst of all the college madness!

These 10 sentences may be short but they, without a doubt, can turn your college experience from a s*it show to a non-stressful sitcom. If you want to stay sane this semester and prevent unnecessary stress from ruining your day, try adding these 10 affirmations to your daily, before breakfast, routine!



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