The time has finally arrived. You are finally going to be college freshman! While this time in your life can be exciting, it also can be very, very scary. However, have no fear, because I have compiled a list of freshman advice for you to have a great and (somewhat) stress free freshman year! You can thank me later.

1. Get a comfy pair of shoes.

You're going to be walking everywhere.

2. Carry an umbrella.

I can't tell you how many times I got caught in a downpour and was thankful that I thought to put an umbrella in my backpack.

3. Don't go to Chick-fil-a the first week of classes.

Or the first 3 weeks of class, actually. The line is going to wrap all the way around the student union (not literally, but it's REALLY LONG) and it's not worth waiting in line THAT long. Unless you have all day to spare.

4. Wear a watch.

Yes you have a phone, but what if it dies? You'll need to keep track of time with something else. Plus, you look kind of sporty when you wear one, so you can trick people into thinking you're active!

5. Carry a phone charger.

Again, what if your phone dies and you can't snap that cute boy in your history class back?

6. Make friends in your classes.

I cannot stress this enough. This is super important. Make friends with the people that sit close to you in class. Get their numbers, so if you have to miss class for whatever reason, you can ask them for the notes or if they'll write your name down so you don't miss any attendance points.

7. Try to not skip class.

I know it may be tempting to skip, but GO TO CLASS. You'll make it easier on yourself whenever it comes time to study for your final because you'll actually know what is going on.

8. Study, study, study.

This isn't high school, people. You actually need to study for your finals. Find what study strategies work best for you, grab your coffee, and get your studying done.

9. Get involved.

There are a ton of clubs and organizations that you can get involved with on campus. Not into going to meetings every week? That's fine, there are also events that are always going on at campus that you can attend! This is also a great way to meet new people.

10. Don't get TOO involved.

However, don't get too involved that you have no time for homework or free time for yourself. Trust me when I say that "relax time" is much needed in college. If you start to schedule too much stuff in your day, it'll leave you feeling stressed. Get involved, but leave time for yourself, as well.

11. Get a job.

I promise, getting a job or a part-time job is possible in college. Try applying somewhere on campus, or even your favorite place to shop. You'll have spending money and won't have to beg your parents for money every week!

12. Make your dorm feel as "homey" as possible.

Your dorm room is going to be your home for the next year. Make it feel comfortable and home-like as much as possible. You want a place you can come home to after class and relax!

13. Beware of Pastor Bob.

You probably don't know who this is yet, but I promise you will. If you see a guy standing on Library Lawn in a bright yellow shirt, yelling at a crowd of people, you'll know it's a Pastor Bob day. Pastor Bob travels to different campuses, trying to upset students so they will hopefully cause a scene and then he can sue the campus for money. Best thing to do? Watch from a distance, and if he says anything to upset you, bite your tongue and walk away.

14. Get out of your comfort zone.

College is the time when you find out who you really are, what your likes and dislikes are, and who you are going to be. Embrace it!

15. Volunteer.

Volunteering can be fun and a great way to get rid of stress. There are a ton of places and ways you can volunteer, such as the Humane Society. What better way to spend an hour than playing with cute dogs?

16. Find your classes the day before the first day of classes.

Make it easier on yourself and don't try to hunt down your classes an hour before you need to be there. This will prevent you from being late on the first day, as well.

17. Try to show up to class early.

Try getting to class at least 15 minutes early. This way, you can find a seat easily and get your stuff ready for your class.

18. Find a study spot.

Find a spot that you love to go to and can study without any distractions. Whether this be a coffee shop, a local park, or your desk in your dorm, a comfortable study spot makes studying a lot easier.

19. Don't take the stairs at Morrill.

There's a saying at OSU that if you walk up the stairs at Morrill, you won't graduate in 4 years. I don't know if this is exactly true, however, I'm not trying to chance it.

20. Find your home away from home.

Lastly, and most important, is find your home at your campus. You chose this college for a reason, so make the most of your 4 years, get your degree, and remember to have fun, always.