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The second semester is in full swing and that means graduation almost here. Yikes! As my college graduation rounds the corner I've had some time to think about what advice I would have given my younger self about what was to come in college. If I could go back to Freshman move-in day, I have some things I wish I had known and things that I think all college Freshman need to consider when they start out their college journey.

1. Your weight is not your identity.

You're going to gain weight in college. It's inevitable. And whether you gain 15 pounds or 50 pounds, it doesn't change who you are. You are still loved and worthy and going places. Don't let the scale get you down.

2. Boys aren't worth crying over.

There are lots of reasons to cry in this world, but boys aren't one of them. There are other fish in the sea. Go find a fish worthy of you.

3. It's okay to be lonely.

Loneliness hits hard. And it's alright to be sad at first, but at some point, you need to learn how to be lonely. Learn how to be ok with just yourself.


Take care of yourself in college. Your parents aren't there to take care of you, so it's time for you to step up and care for yourself. Get medicine if you're sick. Go see a counselor if you need emotional help. Take a bath. Clean your skin. Take care of yourself.

5. Go to events (or don't).

Typical college advice says to go to as many campus events as possible to make friends. I disagree. If you see an event that sounds fun, then go, but don't feel compelled to go if you don't want to. Feel free to not go to events, guilt-free. Throw FOMO out the window.

6. It's okay if your roommates aren't your best friends.

They probably won't be. It's okay. You will find other friends. Oftentimes it's actually better if your roommate isn't your best friend because there's less drama.

7. It's okay to ask for help.

If you are struggling emotionally or falling behind in classes and need help, don't be afraid to ask. There's no shame.

8. Do something.

Maybe you don't go to all the events on campus, but you should do SOMETHING. Find a club that does things you like to do. If there isn't one, start one! Find like-minded peers and hang out! You may find your best friends here.

9. Getting a "B" isn't the end of the world.

Getting a "B" is okay. It's really not the end of the world. The world will keep spinning and you will keep being successful.

10. Don't drop out.

Even if you want to. Don't. you're going to make it to the end and it's going to be so worth it.

11. Make the first move.

If you are going to an event, reach out to people you know, even if you don't know them very well. It shows you want to get to know them more and somebody's got to take the initiative!

12. You're going to survive.

You're going to survive. Despite the loneliness and heartbreak and bad grades, you're going to make it out the other side and it will have been worth it. Don't give up now. You're just getting started.

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