The 12 Days of Finals

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is being bombarded with carols, gifts, snow, and holiday spirit. Unfortunately, most college kids are suffering through finals week in the pursuit of a long awaited break. Inspired by one of the most famous Christmas carols, here are the 12 Days of Finals.

On the first day of finals week, my college gave to me:

1. group project.

Ahh, the unavoidable end of semester group project. Your professor loves it because it’s an opportunity to get a big grade in for everyone. You hate it because it means extra meetings outside of class and collaborating with people you don't know.

2. ...two parking tickets.

Finding parking on college campuses can be ridiculous. Most lots fill up super fast, so unless you’re one of the lucky few who arrive early or find the rare empty spot, you’ll likely find yourself parking somewhere illegal or walking halfway across campus.

3. ...three cups of coffee (a day).

Let’s be real, the only way most of us make it through finals week is with the help of our good old friend, caffeine.

4. ...four final papers.

Just like the aforementioned group projects, final papers are a way for professors to get you another grade in before the end. For most of us, that means procrastination until the night before and pulling an all-nighter just to meet the deadline.

5. ...five meal swipes left.

Some people end up with a plethora of meal swipes left at the end of the semester; others run out a week or two before and end up enjoying lunch with any loving friends that are willing to swipe them in.

6. ...six mental breakdowns.

Everyone hits the point in the semester when they just want to go home. Finals week is usually when most people snap. Nothing like being knee deep in assignments and exams to make you miss home.

7. email exchanges.

At the end of the semester, all the grades are finally being put up and almost everyone has questions about different assignments. Most of us end up with at least a few ongoing email threads with different professors.

8. ...eight sleepless nights.

All nighters are a norm during finals week. Whether it’s finishing a paper or cramming as much info in as possible before that morning exam, you’ll definitely find some night owls.

9. ...nine final exams.

Ugh, the dreaded cumulative final. Depending on the number of credit hours you’re taking, you may end up with a lot or a few finals. If you’re in a practicum intense major, it may be even worse with different written and practical portions. Can you say stress, boys and girls?

10. ...ten packs of ramen.

A lot of people either don’t want to take a break from studying or refuse to brave the cold weather and crowded student center to get dinner. Enter everyone’s favorite cheap and artificial meal.

11. ...eleven checkout requirements.

Since pretty much everyone leaves campus over the holidays, the dorm checkout checklist can be pretty intensive. Between vacuuming the ground-in food, cleaning the bathroom that hasn’t been touched all semester, and cleaning out the oh-so-full fridge, who has time for studying?

12. ...twelve Christmas parties.

Yes, finals week sucks academically, but it’s also one of the most exciting times when it comes to friends. A lot of people partake in “Friendsmas” parties this week. White elephant, secret santa, you name it and you’ll find it. It is still the most wonderful time of the year, right?

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