​A Collection of Knowledge
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​A Collection of Knowledge

A look into the hidden benefits of public libraries

​A Collection of Knowledge
Concord Free Public Library

For approximately five thousand years, libraries have existed to serve humanity as a means to provide information to life’s daunting questions. However, as today’s world continues to see a growth in technological advancements, these public sources of information seem to dim in comparison to the muted glow from electronic screens. From this, we can see that in only a short amount of time these historic treasures may cease to exist for their original purpose.

In an effort to combat this, here are several benefits that may be unknown to those who regularly visit these establishments.

1. They serve as a location for the community to come together.

For many libraries around the country, their position in the community allows for numerous individuals to enter the premises at any given time. With events held weekly and at numerous times, it is a common place for like-minded individuals to interact with each other in a common area while sharing ideas.

2. They serve as a resource for those unable to purchase equipment.

As the products of information gathering, many buildings associated with this business offer technology for any who come through the doors. From computers to audio recorders, those who need equipment for school projects or job searching are able to quickly utilize the resources provided by libraries. With thousands of books to choose from as well, these locations offer a library card to allow interested book lovers to essentially “rent” material and return within a given time.

3. They promote multicultural understanding.

From the many books provided by the library system, individuals are given the opportunity to view cultural material from different geographical, religious, and time period standpoints. Given that these variations of topics lies in libraries around the world, individuals who have not visited a certain location may have the chance to enlighten themselves on the practices and beliefs of that unknown area.

4. They offer important life skills.

With advisory positions and volunteer experiences, most libraries give both teens and adults the opportunity to grow as an individual while promoting literacy to hundreds of people who come through the doors every day. Such skills, which may include working as a part of a team, advocating learning experiences, and overall technical work, can help diversify an individual’s skills to future employers.

5. They allow for creativity to soar.

With each book that a person holds, there lies a world of potential for innovative ideas to rise. For many, a library offers the chance to get away from the outside world and enter a new one filled with imagination. With these locations offering this ability for their patrons, those who are looking for pleasure in their daily lives are given the opportunity to do so.

With each new piece of technology in today’s world, these collections of knowledge are slowly becoming a less used resource than in previous decades. However, through the list provided above, there may be hope that these establishments become the popular resource that they used to be.

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