What was Cole LaBrant like in college?

Cole LaBrant's College Friends Agree, His Relationship With Savannah Is The REAL Deal

Chase Haney, friend of the LaBrants for years, talks about the important pieces of their story that their followers can't see.

Chase Haney on Instagram

Whether you're an avid follower or not, chances are, you've seen Cole and Savannah LaBrant before in Facebook and YouTube videos, on your Instagram search page, or maybe even your own timeline.

Shortly put, they're known. With over 7 million followers combined, they're known and influential faces of millennials everywhere. But what often happens with popular social media influencers is that people forget the human side of them.

They forget their story. They solely follow along for the entertainment and #goals.

So what is it about Cole and Savannah's story that people don't know? What is it that makes them remarkable?

As a student from the same college as Cole LaBrant (Troy University), I happen to know some of the same people he was close to. So when asked to write an article on Cole and Sav's story, I thought who better to go to than their friends. The ones who knew them before the social media world really knew them.

I wanted to know how their friends would describe their story. I wanted to know how their friends would describe their relationship. I wanted to know how their friends see God in Cole and Sav's love story.

I wanted to know what lessons their friends have learned from Cole and Sav.

I wanted to ask personal questions to people who had valid answers. People who know the REAL, everyday Cole and Sav.

So I sat down with Chase Haney (a friend of Cole's from Troy University as well) and here's what he had to say:

"Their story is a story of full commitment. They were in the right place at the right time but that wasn't by chance - they prayed for their future spouse and knew exactly what they wanted. They'll tell you, when they met and got to know each other, they just knew, and when you know you know. But not even just that, they were willing to sacrifice everything to make it work (both being from completely different states).

They're each other's best friends. So many people see them as "famous" but they're just regular people that have a following. They're the most genuine, fun, and goofy and that's what makes them such good friends. They're just completely themselves.

Their relationship is completely built on God and that's why their relationship is so successful. They are complete in Jesus Christ. They compliment each other. They will tell you that God lined everything up and they've just been obedient. Even if they lost everything, they would still be the happiest people ever because they will always have Jesus.

The biggest thing I've learned from their story as their friend, is to never count God out. It's crazy that one of my best friends from a small town in Alabama married a girl that is amazing and such a perfect match for him from California.Their lives are seriously a dream. Cole is one of my best friends and to see how he has allowed God to lead him and use him in a way that not too many people even have the opportunity to is so cool.

They use their platform to glorify God and that's what they've always been about. Cole has been such a good friend to me, and I've met both Sav and Everleigh too. They're proof that we never know what God has in store for us, so no matter how crazy it sounds...let God be God and you'll see how He blows our expectations daily."

Cole and Savannah have so much more to offer than face value posts that most of their followers see and obsess over.

Their story is a story of complete surrender to the will of God and has thus far reached millions.

In an attempt to reach even more people, they wrote a book about their story in detail.

How they met, who they were before they found each other, their social media rise to fame, and most importantly, their faith as the years went on.

Image Credit: Chase Haney on Instagram

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