Is It Coincidence or Not? The Belief that you are Meant to Meet Certain People
“I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.”- Robert Browning

I am not a religious person. My beliefs are kind of scattered and come together by implementing different beliefs and stories from a plethora of different religions but I don't believe in a central God/Goddess or a system of Gods/Goddesses.

Despite this, I don't believe that everything is a coincidence. You could go back and pinpoint why you did X, Y or Z that caused a change in your routine that led to something astronomically important to your larger story happening but when you question yourself, "Why did I do something different instead of my routine?" Chances are, you won't be able to think of an answer, sometimes it's plausible. Sometimes the decision is simple: like you take the highway opposed to the back-roads because there was traffic or road work and that day you get to work early and meet the person who is meant to be your best friend.

That's my thing about meant to be, a lot of people think it is solely romantic partners who are 'meant to be,' but I disagree. I met my best friend because she transferred into my class in the second grade. She and I only went to school together for three years. We live far apart, we have never gone to the same school since elementary school, half the time we don't even talk to one another but we still are best friends. Now, I understand the counter-argument is "Well when people care about each other it's easy to always stay friends even if you're far apart, hardly speak, etc." Honestly, hough, it truly seems like more than that.

There always is the romantic sense of course. Two people who compliment one another, even if they're not exactly alike, or even remotely similar. Sometimes two people meet and something in his or her brain clicks and he or she knows because everything changes. The moment is very distinct and from there on out those two people are inexplicably connected, even at the times they wish they weren't, even if they break up.

I think that the term soulmate is not necessarily accurate because I don't think that I have a soul that will exist once I die, but I do believe that not everything that happens to use is coincidence. Instead of soulmates I call them 'Portes d'espoir,' which is French for Hope Bringers. I believe that these people are given to us in the times we are at our worst because they bring hope when we need it most. Now, there are things that are coincidences and sometimes the hardest part, especially for the people who believe in fate or destiny is trying to differentiate when you are making up those feelings and when they are genuine. However when you meet your Portes d'espoir, I truly believe it is different than anyone you have met before.

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