Cohen V.S Trump

As I write my thoughts down, I am consumed by my daily CNN readings, I hope you enjoy.

Not only are we looking at the complete and utter DESTRUCTION of the Trump Administration, but we are seeing more and more faces come to the stand, searching for a way their answers may help solve a national crisis. If you aren't aware, Trumps ex-lawyer Michael Cohen is standing in front of Trump in court, to display his disgustingly normalized behavior as a president, and his outlandish spending's, his assists with poll numbers and his rage against certain communities.

I am here to say, this is one of the most exciting things to happen during the election of this clown.

I am just thrilled to see what happens; and what Trump will use as a distraction this time…anyone remember when he tried to completely hide the government shut down from us - AMERICANS. The fact that "the most important person" in our country to some, in our already pathetic excuse as a country, is making up lies, making up go-arounds so that we the people, aren't aware of what is going on in our own country.

But, just as I thought nothing good would come out of this week, Bernie Sanders just announced his run for office again! As a previous feeler of the Bern, I can say this has been just the news we need, to scare Trump. Not knowing what his next excuse will be, I'm worried. I'm worried, just like with the election race again Hilary Clinton, he will find another way to win.

Trump is basically the front man to every choice being made in the white house; and behind him is the scariest of them all; Michael Pence. As many fear their own lives, we plead with Michael Cohen, hoping he opens up from the beginning to end, as we hopefully see another Nixon…well in the way as he retired, and did not complete his full presidency.

I reside with those who speak up to hate

I stand by those who are hurting

We can do this.

Get to your polls, make your voice heard!!

2019 was the year I wanted to expand my knowledge of my every day, and open my eyes to new. I want to get onto the Bernie Sanders campaign; there is something special in the act of speaking up when everyone else stays silent.

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