* This article is dedicated to coffee lovers in Long Island, New York *

Coffee is a part of my daily routine and has been since my senior year of high school. Over time, I have grown to love coffee more and have developed an appreciation for different types and stronger blends of coffee. Additionally, this past year I realized that I loved to do my homework in coffee shops. I found that I was most productive in an aesthetic environment that smelled of fresh coffee and was farther away from campus. But now, as I make my way home for the summer, I realized that I still wanted to visit different coffee shops for the same peaceful atmosphere. Here are five coffee shops that you should try if you love coffee as much as I do.

1. Southdown Coffee - Oyster Bay

Juliana Cosenza

Southdown is one of my favorite coffee spots on Long Island. With another location in Huntington, Southdown has the perfect assortment of coffee, tea, and pastries. Additionally, Southdown is a great place to sit down and do work, read, or relax.

2. The Witches Brew - Hempstead

Juliana Cosenza

The Witches Brew is not only a cafe but a small, comfy restaurant with a lot of healthy and vegan options. The drink menu includes a list of different coffees, teas, lattes, and other beverages as well as different desserts. There is a cozy candle-lit aesthetic that makes for a great place to get coffee and hang out with friends.

3. Sweetie Pies on Main - Cold Spring Harbor

Kendyl Ryan

Sweetie Pies on Main is a small bakery in the middle of Cold Spring Harbor. With a cute ambience inside, my favorite thing to order here is their iced coffees, and the menu offers many different flavors, including Snickers, S'mores, or a simple Mocha Iced Coffee.