​Coachella 2019 Fashion Trends

Where can you find the best celebrities of the music, fashion, and film industry in one place? Coachella. Hosted in Indio, California, Coachella is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Full of fashion, fame, and exclusivity, Coachella is an event like no other. It's not enough just to attend Coachella, however. If you are going to the weekend-long music festival, your outfits have to be perfection. Although Coachella is about the music, the fashion is just as important. Many attendees spend months preparing their Coachella outfits, down to the hair glitter and nail polish colors. As the first weekend of Coachella is over, I have noticed a few new trends popping up. Here's what everyone is wearing at Coachella this year.

1. Fringe/Tassels


Shay Mitchell at Coachella. Shutterstock

Bella Thorne in a fringe leather jacket.Instagram

Danielle Lombard wearing a tasseled two-piece.Instagram

2. Bright Colors

Getty Images

Getty Images

Erika Jayne in a bright green graphic tee. Instagram

Winnie Harlow in a neon two-piece.Getty Images

3. Ruffles

Getty Images

Getty Images

GC Images

4. Animal Prints

Model Camille Kostek in cheetah print crop top.Instagram

Jasmine Tookes in cheetah print Nasty Gal set. Instagram


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