Why Coach Cal Maddox From 'Sweet Magnolias' Is So Hot
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10 Reasons Coach Cal Maddox From 'Sweet Magnolias' Is The PERFECT Summer Catch

You're going to need a margarita just to cool down.

10 Reasons Coach Cal Maddox From 'Sweet Magnolias' Is The PERFECT Summer Catch

I'm not afraid to admit that I binge-watched "Sweet Magnolias" on Netflix.

It is the kind of mind-numbing content my mental health needs in 2020. So I definitely recommend watching if you haven't already. And if you do watch, you're going to notice something very specific, just like my girlfriend did:

Coach Cal Maddox, played by actor Justin Bruening, is freaking hot.

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Like, if Captain America watched this show, he might feel like he needs to start going to the gym more. That's the type of physique we're talking about here. Not to mention he's all kinds of polite and sweet.

So without further ado, here are a bunch of reasons why Coach Cal from "Sweet Magnolias" has a good chance at being your next TV crush:

1. He's tall.

Always a huge plus.

2. He's great with kids.

Whether it's as a teacher or coach, or as a boyfriend to Maddi's kids, he seems to have a great way of communicating.

3. He's a hard worker and cares about his job.

The Bulldogs were primed for a long playoff push thanks to their Coach.

4. Emotional intelligence is off the charts.

There are countless times throughout the season when Coach Cal knows how to read a room.

5. Great hair.

Question choice of hairstyle, but he pulls it off, and he's got no signs of going bald.

6. Triceps and shoulders straight from a Greek god.

Six-pack included as well.

7. He used to be a professional baseball player.

You could probably have him bust out the ole uniform from time to time for ~special~ occasions.

8. He's a very understanding person.

Maddie's life was all kinds of hectic, and he never blinked.

9. He is super thoughtful and romantic.

Surprise dinner? Check. Flowers? Check.

10. He is patient — not pushy.

He made sure Maddie was ready to go past first, second, and third base multiple times before she waved him home.

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