1. A Cooking Club

Two words: free food. You're a college student on a tight budget, but the cooking club probably has some funding from the school. Not only will you learn how to cook, which will come in handy once you live off-campus, but all of your ingredients are provided for you for no charge!

2. A Community Service Club

First of all, your college most likely has a ton of community service club options such as Relay for Life. Because of this you get to be a little selective and choose a charitable club that means something to you on a personal level, which will motivate you to stay involved! Secondly, sometimes when college students have a ton of work they get caught up in our own lives. A service club helps remind you that there is more to life than grades.

3. A Religious Club

You do not have to be super religious to join a club that revolves around your religion, such as Young Life or Hillel. Sometimes it is just nice to be around people who understand how much you miss your Bubbie's brisket! Once again, these clubs often provide free food.

4. A Club Sports Team

Okay, okay so you hear the term "NARP" (Non-Athletic Regular Person) thrown around college campuses, even if you are not a Varsity athlete you can play a sport! Club sports teams are a lot of fun, do not require you to be a star-athlete, and do not require as much of a time commitment as varsity sports. What they do is keep you committed to working out and avoiding the Freshman 15-- or Sophomore/Junior/Senior 15.

5. A Club for Your Major

A club for your major, such as the Economics Club or French Films Club, will introduce you to other people with similar interests to you. You'll probably meet people who can give you recommendations for which teachers or classes to take. These clubs can often connect you with alumni in your field of interest-- think internships!!

6. A Sober Activities Club

Even if you do drink or go out on the weekends it's nice to have an alternative. Some weekends you just don't feel like going out, or maybe you need to be really productive and can't afford that awful Sunday hangover. Sober clubs, such as .08, will plan activities like Karaoke Night where there is no pressure to do anything that you do not want to do.

7. A Sorority/Fraternity

Making friends in college is not always easy, but sororities and fraternities introduce you to a whole new group of people who automatically want to be your friends! It also gives you more chances to meet people outside of your sorority through the organized social gatherings and philanthropy events that these social clubs plan.

8. A Club That Helps Animals

It's easy to miss your family while away at school and even easier to miss your pets. A club that helps out animals at shelters allows you to interact with animals when you miss your furry friend.

9. An Outdoors Club

College is your chance to explore new territory and an outdoors club will give you a chance to embrace your new surroundings. It may also keep you active if you choose to join a hiking club!

10. A Club That You Start

Do you have an interest in a club that doesn't exist yet? Start your own club! Not only does this look good to future employers, but it gives you the opportunity to get involved with something you really enjoy.