2017 has already brought some great loses. If you were unaware, I regret to inform you that millennials lost something extremely important this week: their childhood. As of 2017, Club Penguin will no longer exist on the internet. There are rumors of an app opening, but that isn't the same for this generation. It's like bringing a hologram of our childhood back to life; it just wouldn't feel right.

Club Penguin had a great life from its creation in 2005. Since then, Club Penguin had millions of young and aspiring creators flocking to the site. A place where you can play cool games with your personally decorated penguin in a cool igloo that you designed yourself? It was the coolest thing since the release of Webkinz!

As this chapter of millennial's lives close, we only have one request: please respect this difficult time in our lives. It wasn't just a "phase", it was a lifestyle. It's like losing a part of ourselves that made us so unique. We request you remind us of the great memories we can share with Club Penguin during this mourning period. And maybe someday we will be reunited in that big Igloo server in the sky.

Rest in Peace, CP. You will be missed dearly.

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