Cloudy Days

Everyone has cloudy days. Whether that's rhetorical cloudy days or it is really gloomy outside. Cloudy days are inevitable no matter how hard you try you can't always have a great day. But you can find a little bit of sunshine on your cloudiest of days. Every day you get the decision to find the joys of each day. Because maybe today is your last day. Don't waste your day. Attitudes are contagious so if you're sulking around you're not just going to bring yourself down, but others around you as well. The same goes for happiness: find happiness in the little things when you're not necessarily having the greatest of days.

I have a planner with the saying, "There is sunshine in my soul." That little saying tends to perk me up on my cloudy days because it reminds me that there is good in everything. It can be the smallest of things. I personally believe we have one life on this earth and I want to live mine to the fullest; which means finding the joys in each day. Whether that's a smile from a stranger or reuniting with a friend you haven't seen in a long time. I don't want to waste a day sulking around. Just because you're personally having a cloudy day does not mean somebody else's day is not full of sunshine. However, cloudy days are different than just plain bad days, sometimes there are those days when you just can't find the sunshine in the darkness. Those are the days that I struggle with the most. Because not only are those days just plain bad, but I can't understand how even on the darkest of days there is sunshine. There is sunshine somewhere, even if that doesn't necessarily mean that sunshine is near you. Every day there are new lives being born and lives being taken, and so there is sunshine for some people and darkness for others. However, I feel like cloudy days are almost worse than just plain bad days because you can't quite figure out why you're having a cloudy day. You can see the sunshine on the cloudy day, but you're caught in between and you just can't move towards the sunshine. But you can see it.

Some days are just out of your control and will be gloomy or bad, but the days filled with sunshine are up to you. You can start with a cloudy day and turn it into sunshine or you can reverse your day. You have the power to not only change your day, but let other people change your day for the better or for worse. So it's up to you. Are you gonna have a day filled with sunshine or clouds?

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