Whether you were best friends before rooming together or became best friends through rooming together, there are just certain things that'll you'll understand if you room with your bestie. Here's a few signs you and your roomie are a little too close:

1. You go literally EVERYWHERE together.

2. And know EVERYTHING about each other.

3. You're at that point where you can communicate without talking.

4. And you always are able to finish each other's sentences.

5. Your laughs have synced up.

6. This happens way too often.

7. Bumping into them in public is weird because you're pretty much used to knowing where they are at all times.

8. You shamelessly steal each other's food. And clothes. And phone chargers.

9. You've sat in the living room for hours, tagging each other in memes before.

10. You're perfectly OK with spending a Friday night in with them.

11. You wouldn't want to room with anybody else.