College is already very stressful with the various assignments, deadlines, courses, credit hours, etc. Aside from the actual academic struggles that come with a college degree, many people forget about financial struggles.

It is wonderful for those who don't have to be concerned with their finances while obtaining a degree, but we can't forget about the many young adults that have to think about this in their daily routine.

I am a student that had to get a job within the first month of college. I literally started my job the same week that classes started. I didn't have much time to get to explore the campus and enjoy the relaxing time during the first couple of weeks of classes. My weeks were hectic as soon as I arrived.

Not only did I have to make sure and work, but I have to make sure that I make enough money. I don't get to work for extra spending money. I actually have to pay bills such as a car, phone, gas, groceries, etc. There were plenty of times that I didn't understand how I was still able to maintain good grades but I did.

I'm not saying that people who are privileged to be in a financial situation where they don't have to stress about it and college work less, but I have a different type of understanding for those students who do have to work in order to attend college.

I know that it's never easy, and I know that it's never something that those students want to deal with. It's hard to even make friends sometimes because I know that I can't hang out and go out as much as others may want to. I have been in situations where I felt bad for it, but I realized that I am only becoming stronger through my experience. It also doesn't mean that I will never have friends. It just means that those may not be the friends that I need.

To all of the students that are struggling between work and college, just know that it's possible, and it will be with it!