If you find yourself in a conversation with a climate change denier, you should have these facts ready to inform them of the truth.

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere is on the Rise

Since the industrial revolution when humans started using massive amounts of coal, carbon dioxide levels have steadily risen in the atmosphere. The atmosphere now has levels of carbon dioxide that have never been present on earth. Why does this matter and how does it affect the environment? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that causes the greenhouse effect, which, in short, leads to warmer temperatures on earth. As carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, so will the average temperature on earth.

The Surface Temperature of the Earth is Rising

Going off of the fact that carbon dioxide levels are increasing rapidly, so is the average surface temperature of the earth. The temperature may not be increased in every spot on earth, but on average, it has risen gradually. This can possibly cause severe weather events, which we have seen in recent years.

Sea Levels Are Rising

As the earth's temperature rises, so does the water on earth. And when water heats, it expands. This is how the water levels are rising. The hotter the earth gets, the more water will expand. This is problematic because if we continue on this track, places near the water (think Miami) will be underwater in the future.

Humans Are Causing Climate Change

The levels of carbon dioxide in the environment have steadily increased since the industrial revolution when humans began burning coal in massive amounts. Because the rise of carbon dioxide is responsible for higher temperature and sea levels rising, it's clear that humans are causing climate change.

So how can we reverse climate change? We need to reduce greenhouse gasses in the environment by no longer burning coal and other non-renewable sources for energy. We can look to renewable energy such as wind or solar energy. It's time to take action now!