In a world of immense polarization, it's no surprise that climate change is just another thing to argue about. I mean, what do 97% of scientists know anyway? Pulitzers, shumulitzers.

Now if you're one of those climate change deniers we all love to hate, then you must be saying to yourself: "But Jess, even if climate change is real, we won't feel the effects in our lifetime." Funny thing about that though, YOU'RE WRONG. That 97% of scientists you love to doubt estimate we will feel the effects of climate change come the year 2040. So unless you plan on dying in the next 20 years (looking at you baby-boomers), you're pretty fucked.

Okay, so you know all of that and you still don't care because you don't live in a coastal city so you won't end up underwater, right? Well, I hope you know all about droughts and dust bowls and extreme heat.

Still not caring? Watch one of those nature documentaries about polar bears and how they're all dying because you know, THE ICE CAPS ARE MELTING. I mean, they just want to chill on some ice and eat seals, is that so much to ask?!?

Wait, what's that Greg? You're sure that your heart is cold enough to chill the entire planet? Well, I guess it's about that time for you to crawl underground with the rest of the Lizard People.

But all of the Ted Cruz jokes aside, what's the real reason so many deny climate change?

I mean, we even went ahead and changed its name from 'Global Warming' because you had too difficult a time understanding how that was possible when the winters kept getting colder. But despite its snazzy new re-branding, you still refuse to accept what science is screaming at you.

And really, I think it has something to do with fear.

Fear of what a catastrophic future really means for not only us but the generations that will come after us.

Fear of having to work harder, to be more conscious.

Fear of being called a hypocrite for adopting a new opinion or ideology.

Fear of being as annoying as vegans.

I would imagine the list of reasons to deny continues and varies based on location, age, income and active Facebook usage among other demographics. But don't worry, I'm sure lots of people had fears like that they didn't address throughout history. And I'm sure they all ended up on the right side? Flat-earthers are definitely killing it right now.

All jokes aside, the time for denial, for complacency, for straight up laziness must come to a screeching halt. This is one issue that for every single reason (aside from the special interests of oil companies) we should come together and put the partisanship to the side.

No matter how much you want to believe Elon Musk will take us all to space in a magical school bus, that just isn't our reality.

We have one planet. Let's stop shitting on it.

If you want some pointers on what changes you can make to your life to help make a better future, head to The World Wildlife Federation for some useful tips.