27 Clickbait Articles That Your Grandparents Have Definitely Clicked On

27 Clickbait Articles That Your Grandparents Have Definitely Clicked On

...And fell for.


You should know not to put your toothbrush in the microwave, Grandmaw Debbie.

1. "Woman Gives Birth To 14 Children At Once! Click This To See How!"

2. "Man Fights Lion And You Won't Believe What Happened!"

3. "A Schoolgirl Gave Her Lunch To A Homeless Man, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Tears"

4. "This Star Ruined Her Face By Plastic Surgery. Talk About Regrets!"

5. "Woman Divorces Husband When She Sees This Photo!"

6. “Only the people with an IQ above 160 can solve these questions. Are you one of them? Click to find out…”

7. “Jennifer started drinking two glasses of bitter-guard juice everyday for seven days and the results are amazing.”

8. "Well If It Isn't Coupons, I Can't Even IMAGINE What It Is!"

9. "He Left His Son In His Car And This Happened. I Never Thought Something This Terrible Could Have Happened."

10. "Is This A Normal Kitchen Cabinet? Wait Till You See Inside!"

11. "By Putting Her Toothbrush In A Microwave She Created This Genius Hack!"

12. This Guy Did The Most Illegal and Rude DIY, But It Worked. Try It Out For Yourself!"

13. You'll Never Believe What Putting A Mug Over Your Eggs Will Create. Totally Worth It!"

14. Heartbreaking Story About A Little Boy Giving His Last Bite Of Bread To The Starving Ducks."

15. "He Sang This Song 23 Years Ago, But Never Like This. The Ending Has Me In Tears."

16. "When Baby Starts To Cry The Dog Does This, You Have To Watch It."

17. "This New Weightloss Pill Helped Me Lose 47 Pounds In One Week! WOW!"

18. "This Coupon Saved Me $23 At My Local Retail Store."

19. "Phones Are Causing The Younger Generation To Drop Dead, Find Out How!"

20. "This Tip Will Save You A Whole Bottle Of Detergent! WOW!"

21. "Melania Trump Kidnapped At Gun Point!"

22. "Mark Zuckerberg Declares To Remove Facebook From The World Wide Web For Good."

23. "This Man Sat On The Toilet And You'll Never Guess What Bit Him."

24. "Throw Away Every Candle In Your House. Click To Find Out Why!"

25. "Drinking This Liquid Every Day Ensures Quick Weight Loss Fast!"

26. "18 Signs You're Actually A Donkey."

27. "Mallory Earned $567 Extra Dollars Every Week In Her Bedroom, Find Out How!"

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75 Of The Most Iconic Vine Quotes

"I smell like beef"


Vine may be dead but Vine references live on. I still watch Vine threads AT LEAST twice a day. Here are 75 of the most quotable vines:

1. "Ooooooo, he needs some milk."

2. "Hi, welcome to Chili's."

3. "It is Wednesday, my dudes."

4. "Country boy, I love you ahhhwweelhwh..."

5. "Escalera oooooooaaaa!"

6. "F**k ya chicken strips!"

7. "Barbecue sauce on my titties."

8. "Gimme your F**KING money!"

9. "That was legitness."

10. "Ms. Keisha, MS. KEISHA! Oh my f**king God, she f**king dead."

11. "Fre-sha-vocado."

12. "Staaaahp! I coulda dropped my croissant!"

13. "That's my OPINION."

14. "You're not my dad, ugly ass f**king noodle head."

15. "What the f**k, Richard."

16. "This bitch empty, YEET!"

17. "Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does."

18. "What up, I'm Jared I'm 19, and I never f**king learned how to read."

19. "Um, I'm never been to oovoo javer."

20. "My God, they were roommates."

21. "Why are you running, why are you running?"

22. "Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe."

23. "I can't swim."

24. "Lebron James."

25. "It's an avocado, thanksssss..."

26. "Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick."

27. "Watch your profanity."

28. "I love you bitch, I ain't never gonna stop loving you, biiiiiitch."

29. "What are thoooooose?"

30. "I smell like beef."

31. "You better stop."

32. "What the F**K IS UP KYLE?"

33. "Come get y'all juice."

34. "Two bros, chilling in a hot tub, 5 feet apart cause they're not gay."

35. "So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?"

36. "I wanna be a cowboy, baby."

37. "Why you always lying?"

38. "Nice Ron" "I sneezed, oh, what, am I not allowed to sneeze?"

39. "I'm washing me and my clothes."

40. "Honey, you've got a big storm coming."

41. "XOXO, gossip girl."

42. "Shoutout to all the pear."

43. "A potato flew around my room before you came."

44. "Chipotle is my life."

45. "Look at all those chickens!"


47. "I like turtles."

48. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, watermelon, INSIDE A WATERMELON."

49. "Deez nuts, HA GOT EM?"

50. "F**k you, I don't want no ravioli."

51. "21."

52. "I'm in my mum's car, broom broom."

53. "Iridocyclitis."

54. "You know what, I'm about to say it."

55. "That is NOT correct."

56. "Uh, I'm not finished" "Oh my God, can you let me do what I need to do?"

57. "I have osteoporosis."

58. "ADAM."

59. "Merry Chrysler."

60. "Wait a minute, who ARE you?"

61. "Try me, bitch."


63. "I didn't get no sleep cause of y'all, y'all not gone get no sleep cause of me!"

64. "Do you want to go see Uncle Cracker or no?"

65. "So no head?"

66. "You got eczema."

67. "I am shooketh."

68. "Hey my name is Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow."

69. "Can I PLEASE get a waffle?"

70. "There is only one thing worse than a rapist." "A child."

71. "Ah f**k, I can't believe you've done this."

72. "Bitch, I hope the f**k you do."

73. "Two shots of vodka."

74. "F**k off Janet, I'm not going to your f**king baby shower."

75. "JEEEEEZ, Jesus Christ."

Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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10 LOL-Worthy And Cringe-Worthy Journal Entries, From Middle School To College

Here are my top-10 LOL-worthy journal moments.


Since I could write, I've always kept a journal. I have always been rather lax about writing every day causing many entries to be lengthy recounts of the events that had transpired since my last writing. My earlier journals consisted of shorter entries- lighthearted recounts of my day or the woes of being a care-free child- but with age came harder truths to swallow. The content of these notebooks grew with their author and I continue to write today.

Recently, I revisited my older journals. The collection is comprised of four books: a pink, hard-cover consisting of entries from ages eight to eleven, a purple, watercolor book holds my middle school days, a black, leather-bound journal containing prayers, and a neon multicolored notebook captured many high school and college dramas. Each journal has highs and lows transcribed in messy ink and graphite, sometimes there are doodles or lists of songs I simply couldn't stop listening to. It's amazing to me how things can change so quickly and how events that were important enough to me to write down were quickly forgotten with time.

So, with all that back-story you probably didn't need, here are my top-10 LOL-worthy journal moments.

1. The unfortunate spelling error of 2006.

You'll know it when you see it. Let's just say, that day was hectic.

2. This unfinished entry.

Why was I having a blast? Why was the entry cut short? I will never remember.

3. That one time I decided I would be a "responsible teen."

I was a pretty responsible teen, but the whole "I will make all A's in school" thing, yeah, that didn't happen.

4. When I thought I was gonna be an acclaimed writer so my entries started getting dramatic titles.

Good grief, I was naive.

5. Sometimes you just need a Snickers bar.

The cringiness of this journal entry knows no bounds.

6. When Mama had to hold me back so my sister didn't catch these hands... I'm still mad about that, man.

Don't draw on all my crap with permanent marker!

7. So, I trained a rooster like I was a dang falconer.

His name was Poachy, and he will be greatly missed.

8. When I put a hashtag in my journal.

It was a dark part of my life when I thought writing a hashtag before everything was funny... oh, wait, I still do. #SorryNotSorry

9. The hickey conspiracy of 2015.

Just to be clear, I've never given anyone a hickey, but for a week solid things were crazy

10. This excerpt from the entry entitled, "Common White Girl Vocab."

There were so many great, great definitions in this entry that it was hard to pick just one. Guess the "god-awful butt dance" lives on.

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