27 Clickbait Articles That Your Grandparents Have Definitely Clicked On

27 Clickbait Articles That Your Grandparents Have Definitely Clicked On

...And fell for.


You should know not to put your toothbrush in the microwave, Grandmaw Debbie.

1. "Woman Gives Birth To 14 Children At Once! Click This To See How!"

2. "Man Fights Lion And You Won't Believe What Happened!"

3. "A Schoolgirl Gave Her Lunch To A Homeless Man, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Tears"

4. "This Star Ruined Her Face By Plastic Surgery. Talk About Regrets!"

5. "Woman Divorces Husband When She Sees This Photo!"

6. “Only the people with an IQ above 160 can solve these questions. Are you one of them? Click to find out…”

7. “Jennifer started drinking two glasses of bitter-guard juice everyday for seven days and the results are amazing.”

8. "Well If It Isn't Coupons, I Can't Even IMAGINE What It Is!"

9. "He Left His Son In His Car And This Happened. I Never Thought Something This Terrible Could Have Happened."

10. "Is This A Normal Kitchen Cabinet? Wait Till You See Inside!"

11. "By Putting Her Toothbrush In A Microwave She Created This Genius Hack!"

12. This Guy Did The Most Illegal and Rude DIY, But It Worked. Try It Out For Yourself!"

13. You'll Never Believe What Putting A Mug Over Your Eggs Will Create. Totally Worth It!"

14. Heartbreaking Story About A Little Boy Giving His Last Bite Of Bread To The Starving Ducks."

15. "He Sang This Song 23 Years Ago, But Never Like This. The Ending Has Me In Tears."

16. "When Baby Starts To Cry The Dog Does This, You Have To Watch It."

17. "This New Weightloss Pill Helped Me Lose 47 Pounds In One Week! WOW!"

18. "This Coupon Saved Me $23 At My Local Retail Store."

19. "Phones Are Causing The Younger Generation To Drop Dead, Find Out How!"

20. "This Tip Will Save You A Whole Bottle Of Detergent! WOW!"

21. "Melania Trump Kidnapped At Gun Point!"

22. "Mark Zuckerberg Declares To Remove Facebook From The World Wide Web For Good."

23. "This Man Sat On The Toilet And You'll Never Guess What Bit Him."

24. "Throw Away Every Candle In Your House. Click To Find Out Why!"

25. "Drinking This Liquid Every Day Ensures Quick Weight Loss Fast!"

26. "18 Signs You're Actually A Donkey."

27. "Mallory Earned $567 Extra Dollars Every Week In Her Bedroom, Find Out How!"

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When You Give A Girl A Papa

She'll learn enough lessons to last a lifetime.

When you give a girl a Papa she'll have the best adventures.

She'll run around atop his shoulders and learn to fly. Her imagination will never run dry and she'll always be down for a laugh. He'll tell her stories and wipe away her tears. When you give a girl a Papa she'll have memories to last her years.

Papa is German for Dad but in America, it has become a slang term for grandpa. And while it is just a word, for some, it has a deeper meaning. Papa isn't just a grandfather, he's a best friend, the instigator of mischief, a protector, a storyteller, a rock, the strongest man you know and, most importantly, a hero.

Papa can turn ordinary, everyday activities into an adventure. From a young age, I was running behind him as quickly as my little legs could carry me ready for that day's adventure. I was always down for anything Papa was doing, following him in his daily chores and mimicking his every move. Cuddling up and watching sports in his lazy chair was my favorite time of the day because he always told the best stories. Sitting there hanging onto every word he said because it was the most important thing I ever heard.

Papa is full of experience and wisdom. His wise words provide comfort every time I am sad. He can always make me laugh to fight the tears away. I'm not sure how, but he always knows what to say to make me feel better. Papa is a fearless force that never bows and is never broken. He can weather all of the storms while smiling and laughing. I can only hope to have that resilience when facing life's problems. And when Papa was struggling with his own battles, I will stand right next to him, ready to fight and do all I can for him.

Papa can do a happy dance via the phone so he is the person to call when something good happens. He is always there to celebrate life and all its joy. And, even though he tried to hide them, he cried happy tears the day of my high school graduation. I pretended not to notice.

Leaving Nana and Papa's house is always the worst part of the trip. Driving away waving my hand in the air with tears welling in my eyes because I can't wait for the next adventure. Disappointing Papa was the scariest thing you I could think of, but I knew that he would never stay that way for long. There was always a lesson to learn from mistakes.

He is the man I model all men after. If they don't treat me the way Papa demonstrated, they are not worthy of my time. If they don't make me laugh or have that twinkle of passion in their eyes and fire in their soul like my Papa, then they aren't the man for me.

Papa is my hero. I would give anything to be like him, to stand strong and hold the world together when it just wants to fall apart. To be able to make anyone laugh and feel right at home. To fight for what I believe in and work hard to achieve my goals. To have charisma and charm. To deal with people who wrong me with class and kindness. To follow my faith with questions because that is the only way to make your beliefs stronger. To be the person everyone speaks of with a fond memory in their eye.

At the end of it all, he is my Papa and no one can take his place. I can and will drop anything to be by his side. He has shaped me into the person that I am working to be. I will always call him for advice and kind words.

Best friends come in many forms, but my favorite will always be my Papa.

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Goddard

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Stand-Up Comedy Can Make The Most Stressful Days Way Easier

If you're stressed to the max, I highly recommend giving stand-up comedy specials a try!


Have you ever been laying in bed after a long and stressful day, scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something to watch? You can't make a decision on something, so you decide to try something new. Now, this could be a big mistake or you could find something amazing. This happened to me a few weeks ago and somehow I ended up in the stand-up comedy section. I have seen a couple of clips of Gabriel Iglesias, or "Fluffy," on YouTube in the past, but I've never watched a stand-up comedy special on Netflix before. It never was appealing to me and I don't know many people that watch stand-up.

After deciding to watch Gabriel Iglesias' new Netflix special, I was intrigued. Then, my friend told me that I had to watch Bert Kreischer's new Netflix special. He promised that I would find it funny and that he was really good. He added that Bert does all of his performances shirtless and it makes it that much funnier. So, I watched it and I've been hooked to stand-up ever since. Now, I've become a fan of the many classic stand-up comedians that many people know and love like Kevin Hart, Ellen Degeneres, and Iliza Shlesinger as well. It quickly became something I couldn't get enough of, especially after a stressful day. I figured out that even after the most trying day and even when I was extremely stressed or drowning in homework, I forgot about all of that. I got an hour to myself to just take a breath, have a good laugh, and forget about all of my problems.

A lot of times, I use the hour to eat some food while I watch the special or just lay in bed for a little while and enjoy forgetting about all of the things I could be doing. I've also learned some things. Like the fact that Ellen got her start by doing stand-up, or that Fluffy is coming to Columbus this summer to do a show. I also learned that even though these people are celebrities and have thousands of followers and fans, they're very relatable and more like me than I realized. We sometimes forget that they are people too.

I highly recommend taking an hour out of your day to see if stand-up comedy could be a stress reliever for you. This is definitely a topic that many people don't think of when it comes to relieving stress or getting into a better mood. I'm glad I stumbled across this new found stress reliever to be able to try something different and new and to enjoy a good laugh while doing so. If you're down in the dumps or having a hard day, try watching stand-up. I promise it'll make your day better.

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