Cliché Resolutions Versus What We Actually Do
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Cliché Resolutions Versus What We Actually Do

New year, new me?

Cliché Resolutions Versus What We Actually Do
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Another year means another chance to accomplish, or break, a set of resolutions. Do yours differ from last years, or is this year a shot at redemption?

1. No more binge eating.

We start by focusing on fruits, protein, and veggies only. In many ways, we deprive ourselves on purpose. Sunday comes and you figure that since you have been good all week, one night won't hurt you. After all, Monday is a start to a new week.

2. Or drinking.

Since many of our tailgating seasons are over, we accept that tolerances may be dwindling and weekends won't be as rowdy. We set ourselves a new limit, yet still seem to find ourselves at the bar when the lights turn back on...

3. Clean out your closet.

Instead of getting rid of old clothing that we never wear, we end up saving it with the excuse, "it may come in handy for a theme party." Just when we planned on getting organized, our closet, for instance, is flowing with the same amount if not more than it was last year.

4. Stop procrastinating, get your work done.

After watching all of the interesting shows on Netflix, hitting your spending limit on iTunes, and reducing your computer speed as a result of illegal downloading sites, you figured its time to get ahead on work and buckle down. ...Until you hear your roommate scream "movie time!"

5. Keep in touch.

I have GroupMe to thank for updates on all of my home friends and the new Snapchat group feature for all my camp friends funny stories. However, there are those family members that leave you voicemails that you just happen to "forget" to respond to. A new year means a fresh start to staying connected.

6. Daily workouts.

In order to get a jump start on that spring break bikini body, you make it a goal to hit the gym every day. If that means signing up the night before, waking up early, or rushing to class sweaty, you make it happen. Fast forward a few weeks and we have slept past our alarm too many times to count.

7. Cut back on the online shopping.

While cutting back on the food, we figure we can spend that money elsewhere. After spreading charges on multiple cards, we get threatened of being cut off.

8. Get more sleep.

On nights we don't go out, we plan on catching up on sleep. Instead, we spend our nights refreshing social media, gossiping about the nights you did go out, and binge snacking (breaking 2 resolutions in 1).

9. Prioritize your stresses.

Rather, we let the drama get to us, report the Facebook pictures we want to be taken down, and watch our Instagram likes accumulate. While we should fret more about things such as school work, we find our minds in other worlds.

10. Not to break your resolutions...

One month down, and about half of your resolutions are broken. Know that you are far from alone...there is always next year!

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