To The Class Of 2018, With One More Year To Go

To The Class Of 2018, With One More Year To Go

Enjoy it because its happening.

Senior year in high school is fastly approaching. It's going to be an emotional year, it's exciting and sad. It's a year full of lasts, but it's also a year full of time to make some more fun memories with friends. This year is going to help you chose what path to take in your life.

This isn't the time to slack on your grades; if you've been getting good grades every year then continue to get those good grades, don't let anything get in your way of achieving to get the grades you want. And if you've been slacking for the last three years and getting D's and E's it's time for you to start working harder. You need to learn how to use time management and set time aside to study and do your homework. This is the time to practice good study habits because you're not going to be able to walk into a college class and pass a test without studying.

Get more involved at school. If you hung around the same people all three years and did the same extracurricular activities, try something different. Get out of your comfort zone. Because in college your not going to have the same people in all of your classes, and you're most likely not going to walk by anyone you know that you could tag along with until you guys go in a different direction. College is bigger than high school, you're going to see different people every day even if you walk the same way at the same time every day.

Don't do anything stupid. Don't let petty drama get to you, you don't need to be fighting anyone because there dating your ex. That's not going to matter next year. You're going to look back and laugh at how much it mattered to you because it's going to mean nothing in a few months. You don't need to be concentrated on what other people are saying about you because that stuff isn't going to matter within the next year.

High school is the best and worst times of your life but don't wish it to go by faster. High school is already fast, you're going to miss it when it's over. You're going to miss seeing your best friends every day at school. You're going to miss being able to drive 10-20 minutes to go see a couple friends. Because when you start college your friends might be a thousand miles away and you're not going to be able to see them every day. You're going to wish high school hadn't gone by so fast, this is the end of something that has been part of your life for the past four years but it's also the beginning of something that's going to impact your life for the rest of it. So enjoy it because it's happening

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Dear Senior High School Me:

You're finally creating things and doing it for the good of yourself

Dear Senior High School Me,

Yes, you. I know you are lonely and impatient to get out of the house right now, but chill. As I write to you I am sitting on my nail polish stained futon waiting for my roommates to get home to tell me all about their days. Anyways, I don't want to tell you all about the do's, don'ts, and how to succeed in college, I rather wanted to take a minute to tell you how proud I am.

You've come a long way, bud. While you wake up and go through the motions everyday, talk to the same people, and sprint down to your bedroom at the end of the day only to wake up and start over again, know that it is all worth it. You are worried and scared right now, no matter how much you won't admit it, but soon you'll be off to college in a whole new world.

You've met your best friends in just the first four months here. When you thought it couldn't get any better, life decided to be a little more generous by giving you even more people to love and souls to create with. I know you feel afraid of people's opinions and like your ideas mean nothing, but girl, people in college are WEIRD, in a good way of course. You're finally creating things and doing it for the good of yourself, not outside opinions. You don't see it now, but you really pour your heart into the people and things that mean the world to you.

I'll be the first to break the news that yes, you are still indeed single. BUT WAIT. Okay, I know that's been on your mind. Let me also be the first to tell you that you are straight up stupid for thinking that a relationship is what you need right now. You got some work to do first girlie. Being by yourself has given you so many opportunities this year, almost too many. But you are KILLING IT. (And occasionally feeling dead in the process, but you're fine, everything is FINE.)

I won't give anything away, but these opportunities are shaping you into such a strong woman. It's okay to be totally present in what life has presented to you rather than what your worry-some little mind is coming up with.

I hope this has put your mind at ease, at least for the time being. I know I said I wouldn't give you any advice, but enjoy the rest of your time at home and being around familiar people. You eventually start to miss the old familiarity as you start to create new familiarity. You are without a doubt ready for college and the challenges coming your way. Take every second in and appreciate the now, even if now is a painful wait.

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Excursions Gran Canaria: What families with children should experience - The Top 10

Top Things to do in Gran Canaria

The family holiday, along with Christmas and birthdays, belong to the most beautiful events of the year. It means to escape from everyday life and spend some intense time in another place together. Gran Canaria is an ideal holiday destination for families with kids. You arrive in southern climes with good-weather-guarantee, pleasant temperatures and sandy beaches just within under five hours flight time. Innumerable hotels specialized in families and offer children's entertainment and daycare, so that the little ones can have great fun.  And there are certainly plenty of things to do, when getting to know the island and, most importantly keep the little ones occupied. The possibilities and the choice of Great Gran Canaria Excursions-Book here  Gran Canaria things to do are as varied as the island itself. Find here the Top 10 excursions on Gran Canaria for families with children:

1: Palmitos Park

The Palmitos Park is an animal park and a botanical garden at the same time. It is located in Maspalomas in the south of the island slightly inland, but still very easy to reach by public bus. Visitors will find a big range of attractions here. Kids can explore a new world on intricate paths in adventurous, tropical jungle sceneries. They will discover new things everywhere. Surrounded by parrots, birds of prey, reptiles and dolphins, they will feel like being in an adventure world. In the Dolphinarium you can experience the marine mammals up close. There is also a bird of prey show and a huge aquarium.

2: Watching Dolphins and Whales

Who hasn’t seen the images on TV of dolphins or whales swimming in groups in their natural habitat? Many people wish to experience this first hand. In Gran Canaria you will have the possibility to do so. Ships set off to search for dolphins and whales daily. The Atlantic Ocean around the Canary Islands is home to many dolphins and a whale passageway. Just imagine the faces of your little ones seeing mighty whale fin flinging out of the water. Or how they rejoice and marvel when dolphins perform their tricks around the boat. The Government of Canary Islands sets clear and tight rules for the excursion operators. Consequently they may only approach the marine mammals at a certain distance. Interaction and getting closer to the boat is then only dependent on the desire and the mood of the impressive sea creatures.

3: Riding Trip

On Gran Canaria, children may ride on their own horse on an excursion starting from the age of five. Well trained and experienced riding instructors accompany families on their little adventure into nature and the mountains of Gran Canaria. It does not matter if they are experienced rider or if it is your first time. There are suitable horses for every rider and every age. One thing is guaranteed: it will make the kids happy.

4: GrancAventura Climbing Park

In the rather tranquil town Arucas, in the north of the island there is a climbing park for young and old. The smallest vacationers can plunge into their great adventure from the age of four. The mini climbers will have a lot of fun sliding a rope slide of six meters length. The elderly have the opportunity to swing up to dizzying heights of up to 11 meters. Climbing walls and a rope slide of 120 meters length will also make this event perfect for parents too. And as safety comes first installations are equipped with fishing nets where necessary and the climbers are always secured with ropes. The little ones are supervised by trained staff at all times.

5: Buggy Tour

Something motorized must not be missing in the list of course. Pure action is inevitable on these two-seated, dust-producing vehicles. Young family member, without a driver's license, have the opportunity to cheer their parental driver to more adventurousness and spinning wheels on the co-driver’s seat. An absolute must on Gran Canaria.

6: Snorkeling

Snorkeling in the shallower, but no less fascinating waters near the beach is suitable for all ages. The underwater world around Gran Canaria is equally colorful and diverse. You can observe rays, sea urchins, small octopi and tons of fish. Diving schools offer snorkeling trips. They provide trained professionals with very good equipment, experience and knowledge of the best snorkeling spots. This is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences that you can have as a family.

7: Canyoning

Canyoning is still rather unknown as a recreational sport. But in recent years, it is getting more and more popular. On Gran Canaria Canyoning trips are being offered for small groups only. It does not matter whether you are already experienced or not. Children from the age of 12 can join this adventure. Off it goes down into deep gorges always following the watercourse on a secured rope. It does happen that you descent along a waterfall. A wet experience, adrenaline packed providing a sense of achievement that makes the family grow more closely together.

8: Parasailing

Have you ever dreamt of floating through the air like Superman, feeling the wind stream and let the heights tickle the end of your nerves? A kind of parachute is attached to a boat with a rope. Due to the acceleration and the speed of the boat, the chute is being lifted in the air. Up to three people can be pulled up with one parasail and see Gran Canaria from up to 200 meters high. Children can participate from the age of seven years.

9: Angry Birds Park

The computer game has achieved world-wide fame. Nowadays, you can meet the "angry birds" in form of family parks. Puerto Rico, located in the southwest of the island, is always worth a visit. Visiting the Angry Birds Park is highly recommended especially for families with small kids. The little ones will be busy with the different activities and will have a lot of fun. And also the big ones are invited to participate in there.

10: Excursion to Loro Park on Tenerife

Loro Park is the second best zoo in the world according to Tripadvisor. It is home to parrots, dolphins, orcas, tigers, gorillas, sharks, penguins and many more animals. The environment is largely adapted to the natural habitat of the animals kept there. The only downside with this park is that it is located in Tenerife and not in Gran Canaria. But it isn’t really a problem as you can reach the neighboring island very fast by ferry. It is recommendable to book an all-around carefree package via a bus trip. Everything is organized for the participants and no one has to worry about anything. This will be an exciting day for the little ones and the adults.

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