Senior year in high school is fastly approaching. It's going to be an emotional year, it's exciting and sad. It's a year full of lasts, but it's also a year full of time to make some more fun memories with friends. This year is going to help you chose what path to take in your life.

This isn't the time to slack on your grades; if you've been getting good grades every year then continue to get those good grades, don't let anything get in your way of achieving to get the grades you want. And if you've been slacking for the last three years and getting D's and E's it's time for you to start working harder. You need to learn how to use time management and set time aside to study and do your homework. This is the time to practice good study habits because you're not going to be able to walk into a college class and pass a test without studying.

Get more involved at school. If you hung around the same people all three years and did the same extracurricular activities, try something different. Get out of your comfort zone. Because in college your not going to have the same people in all of your classes, and you're most likely not going to walk by anyone you know that you could tag along with until you guys go in a different direction. College is bigger than high school, you're going to see different people every day even if you walk the same way at the same time every day.

Don't do anything stupid. Don't let petty drama get to you, you don't need to be fighting anyone because there dating your ex. That's not going to matter next year. You're going to look back and laugh at how much it mattered to you because it's going to mean nothing in a few months. You don't need to be concentrated on what other people are saying about you because that stuff isn't going to matter within the next year.

High school is the best and worst times of your life but don't wish it to go by faster. High school is already fast, you're going to miss it when it's over. You're going to miss seeing your best friends every day at school. You're going to miss being able to drive 10-20 minutes to go see a couple friends. Because when you start college your friends might be a thousand miles away and you're not going to be able to see them every day. You're going to wish high school hadn't gone by so fast, this is the end of something that has been part of your life for the past four years but it's also the beginning of something that's going to impact your life for the rest of it. So enjoy it because it's happening